Gabrielle Union Is Relaunching Her Haircare Line & This Is When You Can Shop It

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Flawless By Gabrielle Union / Instagram
Gabrielle Union is relaunching her haircare line with better products and more affordable price poin...

Back in April, Gabrielle Union teased followers with an Instagram post about the possibility of new hair products, but no one could've predicted a full-blown relaunch. Thankfully, dreams do come true, and fans can soon shop Flawless By Gabrielle Union, which is coming back bigger and better than before.

In tandem with celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims, Union is revamping her line that is set to officially launch on Aug. 3 exclusively through Amazon. The new Flawless By Gabrielle Union collection will have 12 products, featuring items like shampoos, conditioners, oil treatments and curl creams, all of which will range in price from $4 to $10. This new version is now focused on creating affordable products without things like parabens and silicones that cater to textured hair of all types, protective styles, and wigs.

It's almost impossible to pick just one or two products from the line since they all offer unique purposes and benefits, but most recently highlighted on the @flawlessbygu feed was the 3 Minute Restoring Conditioner. It uses Brazilian Bacuri butter, and olive and castor seed oils to boost moisture, heal damage, and prevent breakage down the road.

There's also the Scalp Soothing Tonic, which calms irritation caused by protective styling through a blend of aloe vera extract, rice oil complex, and peppermint oil. For co-washing, the Hydrating Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner is ideal thanks to a formula full of ingredients like coconut oil, castor seed oil, and shea butter, which help cleanse and nourish hair at the same time without stripping it of oils.

These new products follow Union's initial launch of Flawless back in 2017, which happened simultaneously with her IVF treatments that were causing her hair loss. Because of this, she and Sims had to work hard to restore her hair's health, but according to a video discussion the two had, hosted by Inkwell Beach Cannes, Union had to wear wigs, felt inauthentic, and was pressured by her investors at the time to continue on. “I at that point had humbled myself and acknowledged that I did not have all the right answers; I had not handled the company well; we were not Black-owned and it showed, and I wanted to do things differently," she said in the video.

So Union and Sims took what they learned and ran with it. "We figured out how to grow my hair back and throughout that process we were like, we should be able to offer this to everyone and how do we do this and reinvent Flawless?” Union said in the same discussion. They bought the company back and worked with chemists to find solutions that actually worked, allowing them to launch a company they believe in.

While you wait for Aug. 3, you can get excited about the new and improved line and learn more about each product as the date approaches by following along with the brand on its Instagram and website.

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