Prediction: These Fall Instagram Trends Are About to Blow Up

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It's fair to say that a substantial portion of buzzy fashion trends originate on Instagram. Sure, runway collections and magazine spreads inform the industry, but the most accessible, democratic approach to style seems to be that of social media. And while it can be overwhelming to scroll endlessly by pristinely dressed women on luxe getaways, if you focus on the actual clothing — and how it's being worn — you can extrapolate a lot of inspiration for your own wardrobe. That said, fall 2019's top fashion trends on Instagram are already cropping up, and it's an appropriate time to take note and start collecting your favorite images (AKA the fun part).

Though the full scope of which autumnal trends will dominate the next few months still remains to be seen, there are still several pieces and outfit combinations that are already gaining speed among the influencer set. These women have early access to new arrivals from brands both contemporary and luxury, so let the 11 fall trends they're already sporting ahead kick start your closet into fall. You'll find cyclical styles like plaid and animal print, but keep an eye out for fresh pieces that will no doubt punctuate 2019 style.

Animal Prints

Are animal prints a new idea? Not exactly. But are they particularly notable this fall? Affirmative. Reach for cheetah, python, tiger, and any other jungle-inspired animal or reptile that suits your fancy.

Teeny, Tiny Bags

The micro bag trend, though in some ways perplexing, shows no signs of slowing down. Sure, you can really only fit a few credit cards and *maybe* your cell phone inside, but they're just too cute to resist.

Relaxed Denim

If your allegiance is with skinny jeans then skip to the next trend. However, if the idea of slipping into denim that's more relaxed sounds appealing to you, don't miss out on this easy style. Go for a tailored waist and wide legs for a fitted-yet-comfortable silhouette.

Sheer Dressing

See-through dresses are having a major moment on Instagram and with the arrival of fall and all its occasions and parties to attend, it's the perfect time to invest in this cool after-hours look.

Serious Suiting

Give your office uniform a boost with the investment of a well-fitted suit in a neutral hue. Mix and match it with different prints and separates to keep it feeling fresh all season long.

Tall Boots

Sure, ankle boots are a forever staple, but right now the Instagram crowd seems to be smitten with a bolder (and taller) footwear choice — especially when worn with a mini hemline.

Cool Contrast

The easiest way to hit the refresh button on your style is by incorporating new outfit combinations. For fall, try a romantic, feminine top with simple slacks. It's a fresh way to contrast the two aesthetics, and translates to a slew of different scenarios.


Bold tights first cropped up as an influencer favorite last winter, but this time around the accessory trend is likely to blow up even more. Try it via a cool pattern or a vibrant hue.

Victorian Boots

Consider these the sophisticated cousin of your beloved utilitarian grunge boots. Victorian-inspired lace-up boots are great closet companions because they can team with pants, skirts, and dresses. Versatility at its finest.


Plaid for fall isn't exactly revolutionary, but keep an eye out for new ways to style check patterns this season because it's sure to show up everywhere. A more modern silhouette in a simple color palette is an easy way to start.

Square Toes

Ditch your razor-sharp pointed shoes for the time being and reach for square silhouettes instead. They've been spotted in the form of summer sandals for the last several months and designers like Bottega Veneta have ushered in a new generation of square-loving followers with their chic iterations of the footwear trend.

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