EmRata’s Comfy-Chic Outfit Will Get You Through Travel Season Stress-Free

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Prepare yourselves: Travel season is looming in — but before you let this fact stress you out, center yourself, scoop up a few of Victoria Beckham's travel beauty essentials (they're serious game changers, guys!), and take close note of Emily Ratajkowski's latest off-duty look. The model-approved uniform checks off all the key points to keep in mind when piecing together a jet-setting getup — aka, it's comfy, TSA-friendly, and cute, because you never know who you'll run into while grabbing some coffee prior to boarding.

Perfecting the art of a travel uniform is no easy feat, but luckily, the celeb set never fails to be a great source of inspiration. After all, globe-trotting is a large part of their job, so in short, they really know what's up — and they're ready to share their wisdom with you, too. Being mindful of every facet of travel, from the stressful TSA-lines to the chill airplane AC to catching your connecting flight, is an absolute must — and EmRata's most recent street-style look is an easy-to-copy example that will allow you to tackle all of those traveling stresses with ease (and in style, of course).

On Oct. 22, Ratajkowski was photographed out and about in New York City, and though it's unclear whether she was heading to the airport or grabbing a quick bite with friends, one thing's for certain: Her three-piece look is the ultimate lesson in travel style — and it makes sweatpants look incredibly chic.


First up, EmRata slipped into a pair of dark-gray sweatpants. Seeing as loungewear as outerwear is a style direction plenty of celebs are on board with (looking at you, Gigi Hadid), the comfy bottoms are one travel season must. She teamed the pants with another fall-time closet basic: a gray, cropped turtleneck top that helped to refine the look.

Rounding out the comfy-chic outfit was a beige suede coat that introduces one of this year's biggest outerwear trends: the leather trench. The timeless silhouette has been reworked in a number of ways in recent years, but perhaps the coolest iteration is in leather form — whether a buttery, shiny version or a softer suede option like EmRata's. What's more, the topper is also one foolproof, super-easy way to take a sweatpants outfit into chic territory (yes, really).

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