Elle Fanning’s Latest Makeup Look Will Convince You To Get Experimental With Your Beauty Products

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Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images
Elle Fanning tested out some colorful makeup and shared it on Instagram.

As a beauty lover, you may not be thrilled about social-distancing rules forcing you to grow out your roots or let your naked nails show. But, as the many creative celebrity beauty looks flooding Instagram lately demonstrate, there are a few perks to all this extra time, and one of those is the opportunity to get experimental with all the products you've been hoarding over the years. Case in point: Elle Fanning's colorful eye makeup, yet another unexpected creation from the actor that proves she's definitely using her time at home to pick up some new skills in the beauty department.

On May 6, the star presented a set of three somber selfies in which she had painted bold primary colors and jewel tones across her eyes. To incorporate all these colors (and still make them look incredibly stylish), Fanning lined her under-eyes with red and painted the tops of her lids purple, adding a dramatic wing to the outer corner. She finished it off with cobalt blue eyebrows and blue-green mascara, leaving the rest of her face fresh and dewy.

When it comes to beauty, Fanning has been one of the most creative celebs during quarantine in terms of playing with makeup. About a week before this post, the actor and L'Oréal ambassador had already stolen the show on Instagram after posting a picture of her wearing a monochromatic look featuring bright cherry red lipstick on both her eyes and lips. However, the star isn't stopping with her face; she also took the plunge in March and, like many stars, tried out a new hair color, too.

Though Fanning's makeup artist Erin Ayanian Monroe jokingly expressed outrage at her most recent look — "Those eyes are green. Very annoyed that you ARE PAINTING YOUR OWN FACE. The nerve," she wrote under the post — other A-listers were more excited to copy the creation than anything else. January Jones, who herself has been sharing fun beauty experiments with viewers while quarantining at home, commented saying, "Ooohhh that's a good idea." Keep your fingers crossed — knowing Jones' spirit for experimentation, this hopefully means both she and Fanning will share some other wildly colorful looks in the coming weeks.

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