January Jones’ DIY Brow-Dyeing Process Will Give You A Good Laugh, If Nothing Else

Jerod Harris/FilmMagic/Getty Images
January Jones took things into her own hands during quarantine and dyed her brows at home

First came the "human stew" bath, then the $1,900 LED face mask, and now, January Jones has dyed her own brows. Since quarantine started, the actor has been filling her time — and everyone else's Instagram feeds — with selfies, dancing, and naturally, at-home beauty treatments. Each one gets a tad more eccentric than the previous, and her latest eyebrow-tinting endeavor did not disappoint.

Jones started her brow documentation by posting a selfie to her Instagram story on April 27 with the caption, "DIY brow dyeing, will keep you posted. Sincerely, Groucho." There's no doubt the Groucho in mention is Groucho Marx (who those eyebrow and nose glasses are modeled after) because with the treatment on, Jones' eyebrows are thick and completely covered in a cocoa shade.

Shortly after the initial post came selfie number two — with the dye noticeably darker — and the caption, "Was busy posting and forgot to set a timer. Tell me when." At this point, you might assume Jones did a little math of when she probably started and marked down a time to take the dye off, but, nope, a third photo followed — with the dye even darker! — and the question "Like now?" floating by her brows.

January Jones / Instagram

Then, it seemed like the journey ended there, at a cliffhanger. Jones' stories turned into her dancing by the pool while wearing a long, white prairie dress, amazing By Far rainbow-crystal shoes, and vintage Dior sunglasses that covered her brows. But, on April 28, there was an update. Attached to a selfie displaying the brows, Jones wrote, "Brow update. They are a tad too dark but who really cares at this point."

January Jones / Instagram

Although slightly more brown that her usual "bronde" shade, Jones' eyebrows still turned out pretty well for forgetting to set a timer. As with most dye treatments, things can go wrong quickly when you leave a product on for too long, but despite the mistake, Jones' brows are an even color and still in one piece (well, two technically).

Since Jones never mentioned what tinting product she used, you won't be able to recreate her look exactly, but the chuckles that come from watching her process are worth it. Plus, you're still walking away with something learned: You can forget to set a timer and still yield good results (sometimes).