Elle Fanning's Latest Quarantine Makeup Experiment Involves Wearing Lipstick On Her Lids

picture alliance/picture alliance/Getty Images
Elle Fanning's latest quarantine makeup look involves wearing red lipstick on her eyelids

The newfound aesthetic freedom provided by mandatory isolation has divided people into two camps: the ones who embrace the opportunity to go au naturel and the ones who get so deep into beauty experimentation that they sometimes wind up looking like the Joker at the end of the day. If you fall into the latter category — i.e. your coping strategy involves bold lipsticks, a neon palette, glitter, etc. — you are certainly not alone. The all-red makeup look Elle Fanning just debuted is proof that celebrities are delving into some wacky experiments of their own.

Under normal circumstances, the 22-year-old's motif is chic, sweet, and dripping in femininity, but prolonged quarantine has seemingly driven the actor to out of her usual realm. In late March, she debuted a new peachy-pink dye job on her Instagram Story. It has since faded, and apparently given way to major makeup experimentation.

"How I'm getting creative," Fanning captioned the latest photo of herself, lips and lids both decorated in a high-pigmented scarlet hue. "Is that lipstick on your eyes?" one commenter asked, to which another replied, "I think yes."

Even though the precarious application of her fiery monochrome makeup — uneven cat eyes and outside-the-lines lips — suggests that she was only having a bit of fun, fans are still eating the look up.

If she's not careful, she could have everyone wearing Revlon's beloved Fire & Ice shade on their lids before long. It's unclear which lipstick she's actually wearing, but she is an ambassador for L'Oréal Paris. Could it be the brand's Colour Riche Lipcolour that she's touted in the past?

In any case, the actor's moment of bold makeup experimentation pretty much exhibits the sort of restlessness we're all feeling after weeks of isolation (even January Jones, who commented "these pics are my mental state"). Earlier, Fanning opened up to Gucci about being creative in quarantine, saying, "I am coloring with crayons again, looking at the dolls on my shelf at my mom's house, and dyeing my hair fun colors."

By all means, Elle Fanning, please do keep the beauty inspiration coming.