These Nail Stickers Are Donating 100% Of Proceeds To Support LGBTQ+ Youth

Courtesy of Dashing Diva
The proceeds from Dashing Diva's new Pride collection are all being donated to the It Gets Better Pr...

Things look a little different this year when it comes to physically celebrating Pride. While it's unfortunate that attending parades and gathering with friends isn't quite possible, there are a variety of creative ways to uplift, recognize, and support the LGBTQ+ community at home this month and year-round. To help you do all these things in style is the launch of Dashing Diva's Pride Gloss Nail Sticker Collection, a colorful line that in purchasing will not only give you a picture-perfect mani, but will also support a pertinent cause during the month of June.

Recently released, Dashing Diva's Pride line ($8 per set) is a collection of 34 press-on nail stickers available in two different styles, both of which incorporate rainbow designs and motifs to commemorate Pride.

Gracing the first set — called Taste the Rainbow — are a variety of rainbows in heart shapes, circles, and arcs on a white base and some stickers come with a glitter finish. The second set, titled Prism Wave, comes with a set of pinky neutral base stickers and a variety of swirly rainbows, purple-based rainbow press-ons, and some sparkly options, too.

The new designs are filed under Dashing Diva's Gloss line, which are gel-finish stickers that make pro-level manis a piece of cake when you're at home. You won't need a fancy UV light or the skills of a technician to apply; you simply place the correct size of sticker onto your nail, press out until it's smooth, then file away any excess sticker. Removing the stickers simply calls for a little cuticle oil and a cuticle stick to help push it off.

Courtesy of Dashing Diva

But what makes this new Gloss launch particularly special is where the proceeds are going. All sales from the limited-edition collection will be donated to the It Gets Better Project, an organization dedicated to making childhood and adolescence easier for LGBTQ+ youth. On top of sharing stories and providing education and tools for empowerment, it's known for helping LGBTQ+ youth with its extensive list of helpful resources, featuring things such as mental health hotlines, inclusive clubs, and connections to foundations and alliances.

In order to further emphasize the cause, Dashing Diva is encouraging customers to share their manicures on Instagram with the hashtag #DivaPride and tag both Dashing Diva and It Gets Better. To show your support, you can shop the new collection on Dashing Diva's website.