Cindy Crawford Just Revealed This Surprising Secret Behind Her Most Iconic Jeans Look

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Despite the ample amount of downtime currently being spent at home, you may be finding it difficult to keep up with slew of must-see celebrity content pouring in from every platform right now. But the latest goldmine worth adding to your 'Watch Later' playlist is Naomi Campbell's YouTube Live Stream, No Filter, where she's interviewing icons like Cindy Crawford and Marc Jacobs, and diving into surprisingly juicy details. In fact, in Campbell's Apr. 6 chat with Cindy Crawford, the model discussed her most iconic jeans look (you know the 1992 Superbowl ad) and other surprising secrets from her fashionable history. As one would imagine, the exchange between two of the worlds most well-recognized supermodels is truly a treasure trove of top secret intel, hence, the 50 minute interview is understatedly a must-see.

54-year-old Crawford shared that her family is currently self-isolating together including her husband Rande Gerber, their daughter Kaia, 18, and son Presley, 20, at their home in Malibu. From a corner decked out with fashion photos and sketches, she joined Campbell to discuss their shared history on the runway, and their experiences working with the world's top editors, designers, and photographers.

About 13 minutes in, Campbell inquired as to the whereabouts of Crawford's most iconic archival pieces, to which Crawford divulged she still has the jean cut-offs from the iconic Pepsi commercial. "I still have the jeans from the Pepsi commercial because they just happened to be the jeans I was wearing that day that we just cut off," she shares, explaining that they fit better than what they had on set. She also revealed that she wore the same exact pair in the 10-year anniversary remake of the video noting, "I felt some small victory in that".

Courtesy of Pepsi/ Getty Images

Other notable tidbits shared by Crawford include that she handed off her iconic red Versace dress from the 1991 Academy Awards to Anna Wintour to auction off for a charity, adding that she later wished she had bought it back for herself. Though she said that she doesn't have a huge collection of her archival pieces, she adds that what she does have she plans to pass down to her equally iconic model daughter, Kaia Gerber.

Another supermodel secret? Her famous appearance in George Michael's 1990 Freedom music video actually entailed no water at all but a steam machine and lathering up in glycerin for the wet effect. Plus, she was sitting on a hidden apple box to stay propped up in the tub. The more you know!