This $40 Wall Shelf Will Make Your Kitchen So Chic


The kitchen can be a sadly neglected area of the home — even for those who enjoy spending their time sautéing, baking, and meal prepping in the space. When it comes to rooms that need a little sprucing up, it seems to be the one that's last on the totem pole — and shouldn't be. That said, Target has been giving everyone good reason to consider stepping up their chic kitchen decor game with several new lines that specifically cater to cooking and dining in style. Yes, just when you thought it didn't get more exciting than a red-velvet accent chair, the kitchen department sweeps in and steals the show.

Regardless of your home's design aesthetic, it's a safe bet one of Target's latest and greatest brands will speak to you and help give your kitchen the makeover it's been begging for, without breaking the bank. Whether you're a mid-century-modern lover, rustic-country-cottage kinda person, or one to gravitate toward the more colorful and eclectic, you and your kitchen are totally covered. Ahead, get the lowdown on Target's latest additions and find a few signature pieces from each collection to help take your kitchen from a neglected space to the go-to gathering spot. (As if you need another reason to spend the whole livelong day at the red-clad store).

Cravings by Chrissy Teigen

It's long been established that Target is the spot to score affordable and stylish finds for every room of the house, but when Chrissy Teigen's anticipated Cravings line dropped a few weeks ago, it caused not only her fans, but anyone in need of a little kitchen refresh to stock up. The collection, inspired by Teigen's notorious love for food and cooking (and, of course her best-selling cookbooks) is full of cookware, cutlery, stoneware serving dishes, and more — all with a a vintage-meets-classic aesthetic to boot. And with pieces starting at just $3.99, Cravings makes swapping in chic pieces a cinch.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

Hearth and Hand With Magnolia is the creation of beloved decorators (and former stars of HGTV's Fixer Upper) Chip and Joanna Gaines, who are known for their rustic style as much as they are for their adorable chemistry as husband and wife. In addition to cozy, heirloom-inspired pieces for the rest of your home, the line — which launched last year —includes a wealth of serveware, storage, and other decorative kitchen items with the Gaines' signature earthy touches: galvanized metal, stoneware, and Acacia wood are just a few of the materials that the collection highlights. The best part? Some items are available for as little as $3.99.


With Opalhouse, Target offers shoppers a globally-inspired collection of goods. In terms of its kitchen offerings, the line is ideal for those who love to cook and entertain with a bit of whimsy and flair. For example, there are floral melamine platters, tumblers that transport you to a Moroccan market, and tea towels with colorful, festive details. In short, there's an abundance of pieces for the host who wants to create a worldly and Instagram-worthy affair — and plenty are available for less than the price of your daily latte.

Project 62

If your home is on the more modern side, Target's Project 62 line is one you should consider. Like a few of the aforementioned (minus Teigen's Cravings), it offers plenty of pieces for every part of your space. The kitchen and dining products boast the same minimalist designs and earthy materials as everything in the collection. There are sleek copper serving bowls speckled stoneware tea cups with an Asian feel, and placemats that seem inspired by abstract paintings — and the pieces start as low as $1.99.