This Insta-Favorite Brand Released A New Fragrance & It’s About To Be Summer’s Favorite Scent


Seasons are experienced by the senses. Summer, for one, has the feeling of warm sun on your skin and sand under your feet, the colors of fresh greenery in the garden, the sounds of chirping birds and children playing — you get the idea. The year's warmest season also has its telltale scents, and BYREDO's Sundazed fragrance manages to bottle them up in one luxurious perfume that's perfect for days spent in the sunshine. If you're still on the hunt for your signature scent of the season, look no further.

Fragrance buffs know one thing for sure: It doesn't get much more luxe than a BYREDO perfume. The Stockholm-born lifestyle brand just has a way of mixing together the most dreamy scents that instantly become iconic — and it's latest creation is no exception. Sundazed Eau de Parfum is BYREDO's newest scent, inspired by the addictive quality of summer's languid, blissful days.

BYREDO's brand-new fragrance creates a complete immersion into a summery daydream, with immediate top notes of juicy, citrusy California lemon and mandarin. The brightness of the summery fruits mingles with bold mid-notes of neroli and jasmine, both of which give off sweet and flowery scents often associated with the warm, sun-soaked season. Sundazed's base notes round out the fragrance, with sugary-sweet cotton candy and white musk that mix together to suggest the scent of sugar on skin. A whiff of the intoxicating perfume suggests the instant euphoria and nostalgia of summers spent frolicking with friends.

BYREDO released its new perfume in two sizes, a 100 milliliter bottle for $260 and a 50 milliliter at $175. It comes in a sleek, modern bottle with a rounded black lid and a simple label, just like the rest of the brand's fragrances — so the latest permanent addition to the perfume collection will fit right in on your vanity.

And for the weekends when you're on the go this summer, the brand also released Sundazed in two limited-edition travel-sized products: A luxuriously hydrating Hand Crème and a Hair Perfume. The hand lotion, $42, fits perfectly into your purse for softly scented hands wherever you go, and the hair perfume, $75, helps mask unwanted odors and leaves behind the perfect summery fragrance on strands (ideal for when you've deplaned at your destination and want an instant refresh).

Ready to give into the warm glow of the summer sun? Get right to it by grabbing up BYREDO's bold new Sundazed perfume — and don't be surprised if you suddenly can't live without it.