Beautycounter’s Newest Line Features The Retinol Alternative You’re Starting To See Everywhere

Courtesy of Beautycounter

When it comes to skin care, staying well ahead of the pack counts for a lot. Utilizing cutting edge ingredients and innovative formulations is key to remaining on top, so it's no surprise that all of your favorite brands are constantly coming out with upgraded product lines that play into the buzziest new beauty trends. And Beautycounter's new Countertime line is proof that one of-the-moment clean beauty ingredient is worth buying into. If you haven't yet heard of bakuchiol, you're about to become an instant convert.

In the skin care world, it can be hard to keep track (or even trust) of all the supposedly game changing products that promise to perfect your regime. There are the proven, reliable ingredients that just about everyone swears by — who doesn't love the plumping powers hyaluronic acid — but others aren't right for everyone.

One such ingredient in the latter category is retinol, which has a reputation for being ultra-effective, but also causing major redness and irritation. And if that's been your experience with retinol, you'll love the latest heavy hitter to enter the scene, because it promises the same smoothing effects without the infamous downsides. Which is why Beautycounter's brand-new launch counts the buzzy plant-based addition in every product.

Bakuchiol, a safer alternative to skin-refining retinol, is one of the starring ingredients of Beautycounter's new Countertime collection — a four-step regime that's designed to help skin improve with age by retaining its radiance, firmness, and overall youth. The clean beauty brand, cult-loved for its nontoxic alternatives to all your makeup and skin care essentials, discovered that bakuchiol (along with other botanicals like Swiss alpine rose) would provide all the benefits of popular treatments for mature skin without running the risks of increasing skin sensitivity.

The fresh-to-the-scene superstar is found across all four steps in Beautycounter's Countertime regimen via the brand's bespoke Retinatural Complex, from its luxurious Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil, $49, to a skin-prepping essence, to its soothing serum and rich, hydrating day and night creams. In the cleansing oil, the complex supports the skin's natural moisture barrier so that it's fresh and clean of makeup and impurities without feeling stripped of moisture, and in the Countertime Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence, $59, the bakuchiol-infused formula helps to balance and prep your complexion for the rest of your treatments.

Use the Countertime Tripeptide Radiance Serum, $79, morning and night after the cleanser and essence to optimize your hydration levels via a blend of peptides, amino acids, and of course, the hero Retinatural Complex for visibly plumper skin and reduced fine lines. Then, slather on a layer of Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream, $79, in the morning to retain moisture and protect your skin throughout the day, or the Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream, $89, at night to wake up with visibly brighter, smoother skin — that bakuchiol complex will be working around the clock to refine your complexion. Round out the routine with the line's rich Ultra Renewal Eye Cream, $69, if you'd like to target the delicate skin around your eyes and decrease dark circles and fine lines.

Tired of troubleshooting with anti-aging products that promise to help but end up doing more harm than good? Give Beautycounter's new plant-derived line a try — you can scoop up all six products for every step from the Countertime line, below.