Beautyblender's Newest Launch Is As Useful As It Is Fun

Courtesy of beautyblender
Beautyblender's Wave Shadeshifter Makeup Sponge changes colors when wet, so you know when it's ready...

The first time you learn how to use a Beautyblender or makeup sponge can be a life-altering experience. Who even knew it was possible to get makeup so impressively smooth? Once you've got a good one, it becomes an instantly indispensable member of your makeup arsenal — and if you're in need of a re-up, then Beautyblender's Wave Shadeshifter Makeup Sponge should be at the top of your list. Why? The fresh drop from the beloved beauty brand is the first of its kind, and happens to be incredibly fun to use.

Beautyblender has introduced all sorts of variations on its bestselling hot pink makeup sponge (which has 320,000 loves on Sephora, by the way), plus cleansers to keep them in tip-top shape and makeup that makes for a flawless face. And while it has always been ahead of the curve in many ways when it comes to makeup application, its newest launch takes things to a new level that's equally useful and nostalgic.

The brand's new Wave Shadeshifter Makeup Sponge, $20 and now available on Beautyblender's site and Sephora, may look like yet another brightly colored iteration of its bestselling sponge — but put it under hot water and it's a whole new story.

The limited-edition blender uses color-changing technology that's temperature activated, so when it comes into contact with warm water the sponge will shift from lilac to a soft powder blue (and sensitive skin fans worry not, because the blender does it all without latex or added scents). Simply run it under the faucet and let the water soak into the sponge to cue the color change, and then squeeze out excess liquid before applying your go-to products.

And while the shade shifting is a fun feature that makes your daily routine feel a bit more playful, Beautyblender added in the function for a useful reason, too: It's a reminder that the sponge is best used when wet, for a flawless, airbrushed look. That way it'll absorb the least amount of your product so primers, creams, and foundations go where they belongs (on your face) and blends each seamlessly into your skin for a smooth, pore-less appearance. Note the brand recommends cleansing the sponge after each use to prolong its effectiveness.

Can't resist the whimsy of Beautyblender's color shifting new sponge? Snag one for yourself below.