This Is The Angelina Jolie Way To Style A Trench Coat For Spring

by Danielle Naer
Marion Curtis/Starpix/Shutterstock

For decades, fashion girls have been out to solve the proverbial mystery of spring layering. When styling a light jacket, for example, truly anything goes: Plushy turtlenecks and sundresses are equally appropriate. In her most recent appearance, Angelina Jolie's go-to coat, which (in many different iterations) has become a staple in her wardrobe. This time, Jolie's classic trench is proving a lesson in layering that just involves two simple steps.

On March 14, the Hollywood darling and her daughter Vivienne set out for an afternoon of grocery shopping in Los Angeles. While both blended in with the overcast day in muted tones, the mother-of-six opted for a surprising, flowing frock beneath her khaki coat. Jolie has proved herself to be a style set unicorn before, simplifying looks that are historically tough to peg — and this pairing is no exception.

The coat in question architected by none other than Everlane, and is — surprisinglystill in stock. Jolie has been seen bundled in it since as early as last September, finding ways to equivocally wear it throughout transitional weather periods. The coat retails for just $148, and comes in three alternative color-ways, but the tawny iteration is arguably the easiest to style year-round.

After wearing it with black jumpsuits, skinny jeans and linen scarves, Jolie opted to layer the coat over a parchment-colored prairie dress. Conservative by design, the cotton frock boasted a high neckline and an ankle-length hemline, offering a relaxed sweetheart look when worn on its own. The outer layer added a sporty touch that was still decidedly cozy, and its accessories only added to the unfussy look.


The has worn the scalloped ballet flats (which are made by Chloe and retail for $495 through Neiman Marcus) for every occasion, further proving their sumptuous comfort. Over her eyes, she wore a newer player in her wardrobe: a pair of ombré sunnies with studded wire frames, which were a shocking deviation from her usual thick, shadowy frames. It all came together with her black handbag and simple drop earrings, all of which maximize comfort while keeping chicness at top of mind.

If you're hoping to try this comfortably chic outfit out at home, continue on to shop pieces to recreate the look, just ahead.