amika's New Hair Tool Is Right In Line With One Of Spring's Biggest Beauty Trends


Sleek, straight strands or super-touchable, bouncy curls will be forever in fashion. But sometimes, it's nice to mix things up a bit, no? So when all the Fashion Week runways started showing off super voluminous, wavy and crimped hairstyles, it became clear that it would be the trend to try this spring — and the good news is, the style can actually be really simple to create, thanks to one easy-to-use hair tool. The brand-new amika High Tide Deep Waver will give you that crimped, textured look with ease, so you officially have no reason not to embrace the trend.

Though the latest hair tool from cult-favorite hair brand amika technically doesn't drop in stores or on the brand's site until March 1, you can already get your hands on it via Sephora's website. This soft launch means you can be among the first to try the tool — and this spring's soon-to-be huge hair trend — before it's popping up all over the place. So go ahead and place your order now, and get ready to make waves (literally and figuratively).

Just how simple-to-use is amika's new hot tool? Really, really simple. It's as easy as sectioning off your hair and pressing the the triple-barrel tool onto each section for a few seconds. Hold the tool upward and diagonally, in alternate directions with each section, and just like that you'll have perfectly crimped, super-textured tresses like the ones spotted on the runways.

Courtesy of amika

And thanks to the custom-designed mold that compresses hair around each of the 18.5mm barrels, you'll never see those harsh creases or lines that run-of-the-mill curling irons sometimes leave behind — just touchable, impeccably sculpted waves.

Plus, because the $120 tool uses far-infrared heat to gently style hair from the inside out, you'll get the results you're after without drying your strands and causing unnecessary damage along the way. Add to that the negative ion technology that actually seals the cuticle of each strand, and you'll actually see smoother, silkier hair after styling (no frizz in sight).

You'll also be able to adjust the hot tool's operating temperature with its adjustable digital temperature display, which ranges from 120 to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. That way, you can further prevent damage by selecting the heat level that's right for your hair — amika recommends under 360 degrees for finer hair, and up to 390 for thicker, coarser strands.

Oh, and for those who live in near-constant fear of leaving your hot tools on after you've left the house, amika's High Tide Deep Waver has a 30-minute auto shut-off option. Great hair and guaranteed peace of mind? Yes, please.

See and shop amika's of-the-moment hair styler from Sephora below, or wait to grab it when it officially launches on the brand's site on March 1.