The Travel Accessory Every Savvy Jet-Setter Needs

Sipa Asia/Shutterstock

Everyone has that one friend that's just a little harder to shop for than the others. It may be due to the fact that she is extremely picky, that you haven't quite pin-pointed her taste, or she already seems to have it all. Globetrotters tend to fall into the latter category, likely because in all their traveling they often seem to have access to finding unique goodies from all over. That said, going the practical route might be your best bet here, so try picking out a few cool travel accessories for long flights to keep the most discerning travel lovers comfy as they go from gate to gate.

As founder of expertly curated jewelry and gift shop Love Adorned, Lori Leven has done her fair share of jet-setting over the years. Hunting for new designers and eclectic or vintage trinkets and treasures for her boutiques in Los Angeles and New York has taken her all around the world, so along the way she's mastered the art of traveling in style. That experience has made her a great source for offering feedback on fantastic gifts for fellow travel enthusiasts.

According to Leven, one major thing to keep in mind while you're figuring out what to gift a globetrotter is minimalism. Packing light allows travelers to focus on enjoying their surroundings — not stressing about all the extra stuff to lug around. As she explains, "When shopping for a person that travels a lot the one thing you should keep in mind is that everything that comes with them should be considered an essential; carrying extra or unnecessary weight becomes a burden." Of course, there are a handful of things that can actually make their lives easier — and more luxe — without adding too much bulk. Ahead find a few gift ideas any travel aficionado ought to love, including a few specific picks from Leven herself.


Phone-Charging Carry-On

A chic yet resilient carry-on is a must for the frequent traveler, and Away's version also happens to boast a built-in phone charger so one stress they won't have is a dead phone. The affordable line comes in a rainbow assortment of colors, and also comes equipped with a laundry bag and TSA-approved lock to keep valuables secure.

Universal Power Adapter

It may not be the most glam gift, but a universal power adapter that works wherever your travel-loving friend is headed is actually a game-changer. "It used to be if you traveled through several countries in one trip, you carried several adapters," Leven shares. "Now they make great multi-country ones with power surge protection."

Travel Pillow

Many people have a tough time getting great sleep when they're not in their own bed. That's why finding a proper pillow, whether it be for a more comfy sleep on the plane or in a hotel bed is essential. "One thing that I always travel with is a small buckwheat pillow," offers Leven. "Any consummate travelers knows that you never know what type of pillow you’ll be getting from hotel to hotel, and having that be consistent can really help for you to get a proper night’s sleep."

Instant Camera

It can be intimidating to travel places where you don't know anyone and don't speak the language. But Leven has found a universal way of connecting with people anywhere. She elaborates, "When traveling in third world countries, especially when you are in remote regions, I find the fastest way to make friends and to have people feel okay with you photographing them is to bring along [an instant] camera and give them a photo of yourself with them. It creates a bond and a story they can tell their friends and family." This Fujifilm Instax camera is smaller than many other instant camera styles, which makes it especially great for traveling.

PVC Tote

A convenient and stylish carry-all is super helpful to take whatever you're headed. While Leven particularly loves the PVC totes Marni previously created with various artists, you can still find similar styles in the material, which is resistant to any spills during travel, and can be easily packed flat.

Cashmere Wrap

Versatility is key for travelers who are trying to pack light, so a multi-use piece like a wrap or scarf that can double as a blanket on a chilly flight is a no-brainer. "I find that a lightweight cashmere sweater or wrap to be an absolute essential" adds Leven, who particularly loves this super-soft Grisal version offered on Love Adorned's site.

Silk Sleep Mask

No matter what time your travel-loving friend is flying, she can block out the light while keeping wrinkles from forming during naps with a luxurious silk eye mask.

Wireless Headphones

If your friend loves to watch movies or listen to tunes to pass the time during long flights, a pair of wireless headphones or earphones are a necessity. These bluetooth-powered buds charge completely in just minutes (so they can last throughout the flight) and she won't have to worry about tangling wires. They also happen to be super chic.

Cocktail Kit

Travel aficionados will be able to craft their favorite cocktails mid-flight with this teeny, portable kits that allow them to create a perfect margarita, gin and tonic, and more. All that's needed is the booze.