The Carry-On Accessories You Need, Based On Your Personality

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Traveling is fun…once you arrive at your destination. The in-between time spent waiting in security lines, breathing in recycled air, hoping the small child behind you will stop kicking your seat, trying to get work done on your computer while fighting the drowsy side-effects of dramamine—suffice to say, the actual getting-there part of traveling can be stressful. Oftentimes, the gear you take along with you can make things feel calmer and more peaceful. Here, we rounded up the best travel accessories for your specific personality type. They may not make your coach seat feel like first class, but they will make your trek a lot more stylish and comfortable.


Travel Essentials For Your Personality Type

You actually enjoy waking up early in the morning to go work out, and have opinions about kale. Your travel must-haves include a cozy-yet-stylish sweatshirt to keep warm on the plane, immunity-boosting supplements, a phone case Swarovski-ed with your favorite breakfast food (eat the whole egg, people), an on-the-go skin kit, a patterned water bottle to fill up post-security, cool Nikes and a high-tech carry-on. You're set.

You can't control your wanderlust and are more into going with the flow than meticulously planning your trip itinerary. Your essentials should include a natural hair and face oil, powder sachets that turn regular water into beauty-boosting water, a sustainably sourced leather tote, a printed silk scarf; a whimsical carryall to house the tchotchkes you picks up from around the globe and a water bottle imbued with the healing powers of rose quartz.

You have zero problems performing a facial on yourself in-flight so, naturally, your arsenal should include an ultra-hydrating sheet mask, a carry-on friendly cleansing stick, hyaluronic acid gummies, a cute, comfy bralette (because who wants to be stuck on a plane in an actual bra), headphones to drown out the baby sitting two rows away from you and a luxe weekend bag to stash it all in.

You prefer sleek silhouettes and products that multitask. Your travel kit includes a tailored, plane-ready "uniform" crafted out of comfy, technical fabric, soothing makeup removing wipes, a simple black leather pouch for all your travel documents, a multivitamin that does it all and totally matches your vibe, a cashmere blanket and eye mask set (because #comfort), comfy sneakers, a portable charger and a simple — but not boring — pebbled leather bag.