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8 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018 Makeup Products You Can Buy Right This Second

To put it plainly, there is a lot going on backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. For starters, you'd be hard pressed to find any space with wall-to-wall pink carpet, bedazzled silk bathrobes, and technicolor curling irons. But aside from that, there are dozens of top models from all around the world (this year's show represented 20 countries, to be exact) along with their personal entourages, the swarming press, and handlers making sure that journalists don't exceed their 20-minute time limit. In the midst of all this chaos was a breath of fresh air with red hair: key artist Charlotte Tilbury, who wielded the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018 makeup products with ease despite the madness surrounding her chair. The legendary talent used a plethora of products from her eponymous line, along with goods from Victoria's Secret in-house brand to create a fresh, natural-looking glow on all 60 models.

"It’s an angelic filter to enhance what nature naturally blessed you with and to make you look and feel like a beautiful, celestial angel," Tilbury said in a release to TZR. "A look that lights up the runway and casts a magic makeup spell on the world!"

And it's a look that can be yours, too, with the help of a few simple products. See some of the standouts ahead, and fly high!

Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask x 4


Charlotte Tilbury

Skincare is the basis to great makeup. So before applying primer, foundation, or anything else, Tilbury had the models plop on this dry mask with brightening vitamin B3.

Magic Cream Moisturizer


Charlotte Tilbury

The hyaluronic acid and peptides in this heavy cream help with plumping, while vitamins C and E smooth — making Magic Cream the ideal moisturizer to team with any base. Tilbury calls it her "secret to the ultimate runway glow."

Wonderglow Soft-Focus Beauty Flash


Charlotte Tilbury

Fun fact: Giselle Bündchen, the angel of all Angels, inspired the artist to create this primer. "I wanted her DNA in a bottle—which is why I made Wonder Glow," she once told Into The Gloss. The product has a fluorescent core that somehow shifts light to flattering angles on your face... perfect for all of those spotlights on the stage!

Filmstar Bronze & Glow


Charlotte Tilbury

Not that the 60 models *need* any help in the aesthetics department... but everyone can benefit from a little contour every now and then.This bronzer and highlighter duo creates subtle sculpting and just a natural hint of shimmer.

Hollywood Beauty Light Wand


Charlotte Tilbury

To maximize the glow, Tilbury tapped on this rose gold liquid highlighter which is flattering on all skin tones.

Lip​ ​Cheat​ ​Lip​ ​Liner in Pillowtalk


Charlotte Tilbury

Pillowtalk, a nude pink, is Tilbury's "backstage secret weapon," according to her site. The color mimics your lip's natural shade which makes overlining and reshaping way easier.

Velvet Matte Cream Liquid Lip


Victoria's Secret

With dozens of models representing more than 20 countries, using products that looked good on everyone was important. Showstopper, a matte rosy nude, did the trick.

Major Lashes Full Volume Mascara


Victoria's Secret

For lashes that flutter, Tilbury layered on this inky black volumizing mascara from Victoria's Secret.