This $30 Item Is The Key To A Better Organized Closet

by Danielle Naer
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With tons of time freeing up in everyone's schedule, the masses are taking the opportunity to make their space a little more efficient. Whether you've been in bed, scrolling through countless goals-worthy Instagram closets, or sitting in your own pile of boots and coats from seasons past — some expert-level tidying tips are in order. To get started, there are tons of closet organization products you can shop online that look super luxe — and, they're far more affordable than you'd think.

This might come as a surprise, but some of the style set's finest are shopping everyday organizer that are right in your budget. Mary Astadourian, the designer behind Kim Kardashian West's pristine closet space, revealed to Vogue that they're “big fans of The Container Store ... we used a lot of different baskets from there [for her closet].” This is one of several brands with justifiable price points — throw Wayfair, West Elm, and AllModern into the mix, and you can have your dream closet for under $150.

Continue shopping ahead, for equal parts inspo and product recommendations. Once you have your staples, it's well worth adding in a few fashion coffee table books for added flair — or, say, a Chanel surfboard.

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The Standing Rack

As the entry point into wardrobe organizing, standing garment racks are well worth mentioning. These are widely available at a myriad of price points. If (and when) your wardrobe outgrows it, it can be repurposed into a coat rack.

Shoe Stackers

To create a closet that Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of, shoes must be held in top importance. The Container Store has an affordable solution for this (at just $29.99 per 4-shelf stack), and it actually looks super luxe.

Converted Wall Closet Racks

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For those who need a little bit more room and are ready to graduate from the garment rack, it may be time to convert an entire wall into closet space. It sounds exorbitant, but it's actually more cost-savvy thank you'd think. Below, you'll find Dotted Line's great closet system through Wayfair.

Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry displays take up tons of counter space on your vanity (that, let's face it, you could be using for your thousand beauty products). In order to keep these dust-free, grab one of the hundred cost-efficient drawers on the market. Pro tip: opt for one with a velvet base to avoid shifting when opening.

Handbag Drawers

If you like having your handbags on display, but worry about taking them out of their dust bags, then investing in a drawer situation is your best bet. M Design's storage dresser allows you to get the same effect, for less — plus, the fabric drawers will keep leathers soft and scratch-free.

Headband Bar

It might seem intuitive, but there really is nowhere to put all your headbands unless you make room for them. To keep them from going missing, grab a headband bar — which also happens to work perfectly for silk scarves, necklaces and bracelets, too.

Floor-to-ceiling shelving

For the ultimate fashion-girl closet, you'll need a floor-to-ceiling shelf situation.

Fashion Trunk

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In the center of closets or at the foot of a bed, fashion trunks double as benches (for trying on shoes, of course) and storage spaces. One day, you can fill that spot with a Louis Vuitton, Goyard, or Au Dupart chest. For now, shop one of the dozens of price-friendly storage pieces.