This Is The Spring Cashmere Sweater That You Don't Have To Wait To Wear

by Danielle Naer
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Courtesy of NAADAM
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Several cashmere brands are challenging the belief that "sweater weather" comes once a year. Among these labels are NAADAM, the sustainable direct-to-consumer brand who is engineering spring cashmere sweaters that can be layered earlier in the year and kept around all summer long. Cashmere has been emerging as a wardrobe staple outside of its traditional context (with year-round garments like Katie Holmes' Khaite look and Hailey Baldwin's cashmere suit set making serious waves) and NAADAM's new releases are no different, including an offering that's much more versatile than you think.

Launching on Feb 3, the collection includes a series of intentional pieces, available in different styles and colors. The Long Cardigan Dress in Toffee offers a silhouette similar to your ankle-length winter puffer. Styling options are numerous — the piece can be worn unbuttoned over a dress or jeans; or, button up and wear as a dress with a chic belt. The lace crew pullover, which comes in Apricot, Avocado and Lilac, offers a more textured knit that's made for pairing with your favorite denim (overalls, jeans, and miniskirts encouraged).

Each piece is ranked on NAADAM's "Softness Scale," where the ultimate rating is "Heavenly Soft." By disclosing each garments' texture, you're bound to get a true feel for that piece you're eyeing before taking the plunge. To achieve their impossible smoothness, they source their materials from Mongolia, where they hand-brush goats to collect the raw cashmere fibers. Then, they spin sturdy yarn from the materials and knit it together, creating the quality cashmere that the brand is most famous for.

Courtesy of NAADAM

In their radically transparent approach, all their clothes are also evaluated for several other criteria, including breathability, wrinkling, weight, odor-blocking, and pilling (a common occurrence where cashmere fibers need to be combed out). Shoppers have the security of knowing exactly what they're investing in, with experts evaluating their own garments for satisfaction guarantee. The brand's business model is equally conscious, paying herders 50% more than competing cashmere brands and retailing garments for 50 percent less.

Several styles have already begun flying off the shelves — with the leopard-print pullover, leading the pack, so you'll want to act fast. To shop TZR's roundup of spring essentials, read ahead — or, for more creations that work uniquely for summer wear and winter layering, head to their full site for more.

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