7 Same-Day Delivery Gift Ideas In Case You Forget Someone On Your List


No matter how much you plan, make lists, and check them twice (sorry, had to), it is possible that you may inadvertently forget to factor in an important individual or two when shopping for gifts this season. Considering how chaotic the holidays can get, you'd certainly be far from alone in accidentally allowing a dear friend, or even your significant other, slip your mind — stuff happens, right? Luckily, all hope is not lost, because there are actually several retailers that offer same-day delivery gifts so you can save yourself from the awkward scenario of showing up empty-handed.

Whether the weeks leading up to the holiday festivities have you jumping from one work deadline to the next, navigating a jam-packed social schedule, or a dangerous combination of the two, you're no doubt dealing with an intense juggling act as you try to make it through. Add to the mix essential holiday gift shopping for loved ones, and it's enough to make anyone feel at least marginally frazzled. So, if you find yourself in a dreaded situation of realizing you've left someone seriously important off your shopping list, you need a solution — and fast.

Where to turn in this panic-inducing instance? Retailers that bless those who find themselves in a shopping emergency with the life-saving antidote: same-day shipping and delivery. From luxury department store Neiman Marcus, to big-box super retailer Target, you'll find that there's a quick fix for just about anyone you may have forgotten to shop for. (This is where you can exhale, and read on.)


Your mom is undoubtedly an important and influential person in your life, so you want to gift her something that she'll actually appreciate and enjoy — that's also as luxurious as she deserves. Neiman Marcus' same-day delivery, which costs $20, will help you snag the perfect gift for Mom, so long as you order Monday through Friday by noon CT, and you're within select zip codes (just call the store's hotline to double check). Consider a gift set of her favorite fragrance, or a coffret with a collection of perfumes so she can experiment with new signature scents.

Jo Malone London Exclusive Luxury Cologne Collection

Neiman Marcus

A collection of Jo Malone's addictive fragrances, packaged in a luxe gift box.


Fathers can be notoriously hard to shop for — so if you put off purchasing something for your dad a little too long and now you're in a pinch, look to the old faithful electronics store, Best Buy. The same-day delivery option at Best Buy is actually super helpful, giving you until 3 P.M. local time (2 P.M. on Sunday) to place your order online for delivery that day. As long as you're in a qualifying zip code, and the product you're after is in stock, you'll be good to go. If your dad is somewhat of a hobbyist, help set him up with a new one by gifting a great camera loved by pros and novices alike.

Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Camera with 16-50mm Retractable Lens

Best Buy

A multifunctional camera that's praised for shooting video as well as it can still imagery, this is a great gift option for someone who has an interest in photography.


Your sister is the queen of girls' night in; it seems like she's always hosting classic movie and wine nights for her crew. If you forgot to scoop up a gift that'll be fit for her hygge lifestyle, snag a plush, stylish robe for her to luxuriate in every night. Macy's offers same-day delivery as long as you place your order by 1 P.M. Monday through Saturday, or 11 A.M. on Sunday.

UGG® Duffield II Wrap Robe in Lavender Aura Heather


A super-soft robe is a gift that anyone would treasure — especially someone who takes self-care seriously.


When has Target ever failed anyone? Possibly, never. And if you're a member of Target's same-day delivery membership through Shipt, you can get last-minute gifts brought straight to your door. The service offers a free two-week trial, after which it's $99 for an annual membership. Grab a wireless smartphone charger for your brother who can never seem to keep track of all his electronics' accessories, and stock up on some cheap stocking stuffers while you're at it.

Sharper Image Wireless Charger


Not having to fumble with cords every time you need to charge your phone? A truly priceless gift.

Significant Other

Salvage your relationship by quickly snagging something good for your significant other on Amazon. For Prime members, orders under $35 are up to $5.99 per item for same-day delivery, and for non-Prime members, same-day delivery comes with additional fees. Just be sure to place your order before noon to see the same-day delivery option. If they've been complaining about their ancient headphones that keep cutting out mid-run, they'll love a fresh pair of wireless headphones to take to the gym.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones, Black


Bose's wireless headphones are great for gym-goers wanting prime sound quality and freedom from tangly cords.

Best Friend

You've got to be sure to give your best friend some love for the holidays; do so by gifting them something that'll be unexpected but useful. Best Buy has HP's Sprocket Photo Printer (super chic in gold), which'll let your Instagram-obsessed BFF print off her favorite photos quickly to display wherever she likes — get it on the same day by ordering before 3 P.M.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer in Gold

Best Buy

Social media savvy loved ones will enjoy this photo printer, which allows them to quickly print off their favorite pictures via their smart phone or tablet.


Your boss is someone you certainly want to show your appreciation for — so if you forgot to find something special to give, opt for a practical but cool gift that they'll be sure to enjoy. Bloomingdale's offers same-day delivery if you're in a qualifying zip code and place your order by 1 P.M. Monday through Saturday, 11 A.M. on Sunday. Select Ember's Temperature Control Mug, to keep your caffeine-fueled boss' coffee at the ideal temperature throughout the day (because everyone's happier with a perfect cup of coffee in hand).

Ember Temperature-Control Mug


For coffee that never goes cold, gift this snazzy temperature-controlling mug to the caffeine-dependent person in your life.