Yes, You Can Put An Office In Your Bedroom — & These Chic Setups Are Proof


Desks in bedrooms aren't exactly a *new* idea, but thanks to the pandemic, they've become a more necessary design duo than ever before. For many people living in studios or sharing an apartment with a partner or roommate, there's no longer a choice but to try to nestle a work area near the bed — but contrary to what you're likely envisioning, it doesn't have to be an awkward, low-focus zone you dread heading to in the morning. In fact, as the office and bedroom combos ahead prove, the result can be as chic, organized, and productive as the home office of your dreams.

Before you start moving furniture around, though, take note of a few rules of thumb from spiritual interior designer Wendy Kleiner, who shared the best ways to ensure your office space remains as productive as possible — without taking away any peacefulness and good vibes in your bedroom.

That includes taking into account where you place your desk, because according to Kleiner, you shouldn't just place it anywhere. "Try and put your desk in a corner of your room that is not directly in line or viewable when you wake up," she says. And if you want to keep both areas separate, she recommends creating "a visual division" using pieces like a room divider, bookshelf, or draperies. Additionally, you could also paint the wall or corner where your desk is located to delineate the area further.

Once you have your setup just right, you'll want to make sure you're primed to keep messiness to a minimum. "You definitely do not want to wake up and see paperwork clutter," says Kleiner. "Try and use innovative solutions such as cabinets that have pull out drawers for printers, baskets, and other storage solutions that hide the clutter and office equipment."

Finally, a few additions to your desk will provide some much-needed productivity boosts. "Place an Orange Aventurine crystal for energy, creativity, abundance and joy," Kleiner recommends. You can also add motivational pictures that have life and energy to them, she says, as well as plants, which will provide oxygen to your space.

Ahead, seven ideas to inspire your own bedroom and office combo that will let you put these tips to good use.

Office & Bedroom Combo Idea: Make Use Of Awkward Excess Space

You know those awkward, don't-know-what-to-put-there areas in your room? A desk is the perfect way to fill one. Find one that will squeeze in comfortably, and you've got yourself a cozy nook to upgrade your WFH setup.

Office & Bedroom Combo Idea: Utilize A Portable Desk

If you truly have no room to spare, don't stress — you can still set up a spot to work in your bedroom. Just find a laptop stand or tray that fits in with your decor — that way, it looks good if you decide to leave it there, and you can easily take it on and off when you want to hide it out of sight.

Office & Bedroom Combo Idea: Create A Separate "Room" With Surrounding Objects

Like Kleiner mentioned, using pieces to divide the areas in your room is a great way to keep the moods of each one separate. You can use anything from drapes to clothing racks to a bookshelf, though if you go the latter route, "Make sure it is not facing your bed and arrange it so the books are laying down and it is organized and beautiful," says Kleiner.

Office & Bedroom Combo Idea: Swap A Nightstand For A Desk

Make your furniture do double duty by copying this idea and ditching your nightstand for a desk. That way, you can still use it to store all your necessary bedtime products while creating a mini office at the same time.

Office & Bedroom Combo Idea: Use A Rug To Create A Zone

If you're not short on space, create two zones in your room — a work zone, and a sleep zone — by adding an area rug underneath your desk. You can add to the effect with other items like shelves and storage to designate the desk's area even further.

Office & Bedroom Combo Idea: Make It Cozy

You may think the cozy factor should be reserved for your bed alone, but as this desk area demonstrates, that's absolutely not true. Add some warmth with a fuzzy rug underneath and consider situating your desk near some curtains or a wall covering to get the benefit of some additional cozy textures.

Office & Bedroom Combo Idea: Add Some Life (& Light)

As Kleiner says, "Make sure to have a floral or plant on your desk," and choose one that's soft, beautiful and calming. Additionally, she recommends placing your desk by a window as "windows are energizing, as long as the view is pleasing." Doing both, like this office and bedroom space? Even better.