7 New Face Cleansers That'll Boost Your Winter Skincare Routine

Moon Juice
New cleansers for January 2020 from Moon Juice, Dr. Jart+, and more.

It can be hard not to give into the whole "new year, new insert product here" hype of January. But if there's a single step in your skincare routine you may want to reassess for the winter season, it's what you use to cleanse your skin (and, more importantly, how that product accomplishes the goal). Consider just how often you use your go-to face wash: morning and evening, to remove makeup or prep your skin. It's a workhorse of a product — which is why shopping new cleansers for January 2020 requires some careful strategizing.

First of all, most cleansers aren't just cleansers anymore. Many new launches come courtesy of skincare brands that add in plenty of extra ingredients to their face wash formulas, such as Dr. Jart+'s Teatreement cleanser with tea tree oil and salicylic acid, or Elemis' Superfood Cica Calm Cleansing Foam (which yes, includes both superfoods and cica, aka tiger grass). And then there's the fact that some don't even act like your traditional cleanser: The new Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser from REN Clean Skincare takes the form of a jelly when you first squeeze it out of the tube, then transforms into an oil in your hands, then turns into a milk once you add water to it on your face.


So, while you probably shouldn't rush into switching up your entire skincare routine exclusively for the new year, introducing a new wash to the equation may be all you need. Ahead, seven recently dropped face cleansers to consider for yourself.