7 Classic Lipstick Colors Every Makeup Bag Should Have, According To Naomi Campbell, J.Lo, & More

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Bright eyeshadow and golden accents may be trending in the beauty world right now, but that doesn't mean you should throw out your traditional makeup shades just yet. In fact, as celebrities have proven on countless occasions, a classic lipstick color never goes out of style — no matter what's happening on Instagram or heading down the runway.

Sure, you may want to throw on Glossier's new Skywash eyeshadow in its electric green Lawn shade with abandon, or swipe on a heavy layer of coral blush. But more often than not, you'll want to pair those over-the-top looks with a lipstick color that's somewhat more subdued — or, at the very least, more traditional. Not that there's anything wrong with going all out — you do you! — but sticking with one trend on your face can provide a sense of balance that makes even the trendiest of applications look effortless.

So, where better to look than the stars? Celebrities have plenty of occasions to test out different hues (plus, of course, the makeup artists to advise them) and decide on the best versions of those classic colors every makeup bag should have — which is why The Zoe Report rounded them up for you. Ahead, seven lipstick shades that have been approved by J.Lo, Zendaya, and more for you to add to (and keep in) your collection, stat.

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