The Jennifer Lopez-Approved Smoky Eye Look To Copy For Fall

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These celebrity-inspired smoky eye ideas are perfect for fall

Summer saw no shortage of creativity in the eye makeup department, from tie dye and floral-painted lids to abstract liner art. The introduction of face masks reinforced the importance of look-at-me peepers, triggering daring trends that will doubtless translate into dramatic smoulder come fall. Now, six smoky eye ideas to get the inspiration flowing.

The ubiquitous technique is said to have officially originated from the Gucci runway in the '90s, but a look at ancient Egypt will prove that smoky eye makeup is literally one of the oldest beauty tricks in the book. Old photos of famous flappers like Josephine Baker depict thick black liner smudged and blended outwardly — these were the days of making eyeshadow out of petroleum jelly and actual charcoal. Today, the word "smoky" is more of a genre than one specific look.

In 2020 — since quarantine tutorial binging has resulted in van Gogh-level virtuosity — the sooty eye category is practically infinite. They vary now in shape (rounded, winged, or all the way to the brow?) and color (metallics and neons in addition to your average black and browns). Sometimes they even incorporate fun shapes and geometric liner, too.

Ahead, six on-season smoky eye looks courtesy of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Sophie Turner, and more.

Smoky Eye Ideas: Cat-Eye

A hybrid of the two most prevalent eye makeup trends, this feline-inspired smoky eye is a softer, more blended alternative to sharp winged liner. J. Lo's enviable iteration demonstrates the characteristic absence of harsh lines.

Smoky Eye Ideas: Soft & Bronze

For a less dramatic look, make like Kim K. and trade the blacks and greys in for bronze and browns. The KKW Beauty mogul — whose lids smoulder nearly 100 percent of the time — has mastered the art of a super low-key smoky eye using more natural shades. She and makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic posted a step-by-step tutorial on it in March.

Smoky Eye Ideas: Neon With A Wing

Priyanka Chopra's hot-pink lids at Beautycon 2019 were a testament to how much the smoky eye has evolved since the early days of using charcoal. Makeup artist Pati Dubroff told Elle she created the look by first shaping the blended-out wing, then filling in the inner lid with that brilliant cotton-candy pink shade.

Smoky Eye Ideas: Big Drama

When the time calls for pure drama, Sophie Turner-style eye makeup delivers. Several times now — example: 2019's Met Gala — the beauty icon has served up go-big-or-go-home smoke. Contrary to the cat-eye, Turner's eyeshadow takes a circular shape, covering the entire lid and gently trailing the waterline.

Smoky Eye Ideas: Subtle Shimmer

Joey King's shimmery iteration is proof that a smoky eye doesn't have to be all dark and moody. A dusting of sparkle and a little bit of medium-tone shading livens up a smouldery look and makes your glittery eyeshadows useful in the fall.

Smoky Eye Ideas: Dusty Mauve

Using muted hues — be it green, purple, blue — in lieu of your standard blacks and browns is the easiest way to update a classic smoky eye. This way, you don't have to switch up your go-to shape or introduce any fancy new tricks like double winged liner; the coolness is simply in the shade.

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