6 Rachel Green Outfits We Would Totally Wear Right This Second

by Shelby Ying Hyde

Rumors of a Friends reunion continue to swirl, but it seems fans might actually be getting that highly anticipated reboot they've been waiting for. To commemorate the good news, now's the time to reflect on the impeccable wardrobe of Jennifer Aniston's character. As the most stylish member of the group (sorry, Pheebs), Rachel Green's best outfits are just as stylish today as they were when the show aired nearly two decades ago.

Even better, so many of her best looks feature pieces that brands have mined for inspiration for current collections (see: the revival of the baguette bag; just about anything that By Far makes; Ralph Lauren's Friends-inspired ready-to-wear collection that debuted earlier this year). And when you combine the never-ending nostalgia for the '90s with the buzz around the sitcom's 25th Anniversary, it makes sense to revisit some of Aniston's most memorable looks for inspiration.

From her suede knee-high boots to her character's ultra-chic take on polished suiting during her days at Ralph Lauren, Rachel's was the ultimate style icon. And now, the show is a trove of ideas on ways to embrace new trends in timeless ways.

Ahead, a selection of the best Rachel Green outfits that would be just as stylish today.

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Well-Tailored Skirt Suits

The trends of the '80s and '90s are back, so it makes sense that the skirt-suit would find its way back into your wardrobe. But unlike the micro-mini sets that Hilary Banks is known for, Rachel Green's take is an equally as chic relaxed midi, version with a thigh slit to show off the knee-high boots.

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Menswear Vests

The key to successfully pulling off the vest trend from the late '80s and early '90s is to pair it with a well-tailored pair of trousers like Jennifer Aniston's character did on the show. Try layering yours over a fitted turtleneck during the cold-weather months.

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Relaxed "Normcore"

Rachel Green's Thanksgiving outfit from season three is the epitome of '90s normcore. Defined as turning unfashionably casual clothes into a chic look, the trend that Princess Diana and (quite honestly) your dad has made so popular is seen on the likes of Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid, today. Master the look by pairing tube socks with your favorite sneakers and joggers.

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Sheer Mini Dress

Fall 2019's sheer dress trend has been a bit on the controversial side. But when you take into account how it was presented on the show, it doesn't actually seem that difficult to execute in real life. Aniston's character opted for a long-sleeve dress, which balances the mini length and somewhat revealing fabric. The matching slip and equally as sheer tights were a nice finishing touch.

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Fitted Turtleneck + Corduroy Trousers

A classic outfit combination, corduroy trousers and a fitted turtleneck are quintessential Rachel Green staples from the early aughts. Not to mention, it's super easy to duplicate as you probably already have some iteration hanging in your closet. All you need to complete the look are a sharp-toed boot.

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Knee-High Boots

One of the most popular trends of Fall 2019, knee-high boots were definitely a staple in Rachel Green's covetable wardrobe. The Friends character often wore hers with mini dresses or long-length coats and midi skirts. Depending on your style, both are still a perfect way to tackle the trend, today.

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