6 Rachel Green Outfits We Would Totally Wear Right This Second

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Rumors of a Friends reunion continue to swirl, but it seems fans might actually be getting that highly anticipated reboot they've been waiting for. To commemorate the good news, now's the time to reflect on the impeccable wardrobe of Jennifer Aniston's character. As the most stylish member of the group (sorry, Pheebs), Rachel Green's best outfits are just as stylish today as they were when the show aired nearly two decades ago.

Even better, so many of her best looks feature pieces that brands have mined for inspiration for current collections (see: the revival of the baguette bag; just about anything that By Far makes; Ralph Lauren's Friends-inspired ready-to-wear collection that debuted earlier this year). And when you combine the never-ending nostalgia for the '90s with the buzz around the sitcom's 25th Anniversary, it makes sense to revisit some of Aniston's most memorable looks for inspiration.

From her suede knee-high boots to her character's ultra-chic take on polished suiting during her days at Ralph Lauren, Rachel's was the ultimate style icon. And now, the show is a trove of ideas on ways to embrace new trends in timeless ways.

Ahead, a selection of the best Rachel Green outfits that would be just as stylish today.

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