The Celebrity-Approved DIY Beauty Treatments You Can Recreate With A Few Pantry Staples

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Celebrity DIY Beauty Treatments including Jessica Alba's body scrub for soft skin

At this stage in quarantine, your kitchen is probably a shapeshifter: It's been used as an office, a place to spread out puzzles, and where you make your Instagram-able sourdough. And now, it's about to be where you concoct celebrity DIY beauty treatments. Because, if you want shiny hair like Kourtney Kardashian or soft lips like Priyanka Chopra, it's as easy as pulling a few ingredients out of your cabinets.

Which is kind of a saving grace right now. Whipping up a beauty treatment in your home means you can make it whenever you want (or need) while keeping your spending at a minimum. Yes, minimum, because even though these are celebrity DIY treatments, they won't cost you much. Read: an avocado here, lemon there, and maybe a few bags of green tea. And if the simple ingredients are good enough for celebrities like Jessica Alba and Halle Berry, then it's definitely worth a shot. Whether you're looking to rewind and relax your day away, like with January Jones' homemade detox bath, or simply give your tresses some added moisture with a hair mask, there's a DIY for all.

Below, six different celeb-approved DIY beauty treatments with their ingredient list and instructions so you can recreate it, no problem.

Halle Berry's Green Tea Face Mask

Halle Berry has always had A+ skin and luckily, the actor shared one of her favorite DIY face masks on her health and wellness page, rē•spin. It may be a step up from oatmeal and honey, but still only includes four ingredients: 2 tablespoons brewed green tea, a pinch of turmeric powder, 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice, and 1/4 cup plain yogurt. Mix together all the ingredients, apply to your skin, and let it sit for three minutes before adding a second coat to sit an additional 10 minutes. Finish by rinsing with cold water and layering on your usual moisturizer.

January Jones' Detox Bath

Take a night and relax in what January Jones calls her "human stew." The ingredients may seem unorthodox, but the actor bathes in the concoction a few times a week and has glowing skin, so who's to disagree? Start by filling your very warm tub with "lavender bubbles" and a couple drops of thieves oil from Young Living. Then, add a hearty pouring of baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Top it off with salt — epsom, sea salt, whatever you like — and soak in the mixture for 20 minutes.

Priyanka Chopra's Lip Scrub

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As Priyanka Chopra herself said in her Vogue Beauty Secrets video, her lips are one of her more prominent features. And her three-ingredient lip scrub is how she keeps them looking pillow soft. Since she doesn't go by exact measurements, she suggests to use however much you think you'll need for your own lips. Throw salt, 100 percent pure vegetable glycerin, and rose water ("so it's gentle on your mouth") into a bowl and mix together. Apply on your lips with a scrubbing motion, wipe it off, and you're done.

Joan Smalls' Eyelash & Edges Moisturizer

Keeping things hydrated is at the top of most people's lists these days. And an area you might be forgetting about is your eyelashes and/or edges. In an interview with Byrdie, model Joan Smalls revealed she mixes castor oil, coconut oil, and lavender oil to make a natural moisturizer. Using a brush, she applies it to her eyelashes and edges everyday to keep them hydrated.

Kourtney Kardashian's Hair Mask

It doesn't get much easier than taking your morning avocado smoothie and applying it to your hair — which is exactly what Kardashian and her hair stylist Andrew Fitzsimons want you to do. In the YouTube video published to Kardashian's Poosh channel, the two mix together 1.5 avocados, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 2 tablespoons Manuka honey, and 1/2 squeezed lemon. Fitzsimons suggests adding in essential oils like lavender and orange if you don't want to "smell like a cob salad." Blend it all up until smooth, then apply and comb it through your hair. Leave it on for 45 minutes covered with a shower cap and then rinse out for Kardashian-like locks.

Jessica Alba's Body Scrub

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Sometimes the best at-home beauty treatment is one that makes it hard to keep your hands off yourself. That, and the fact that it's super simple. Actor Jessica Alba told Allure her go-to body scrub for soft and smooth skin, and it's only three ingredients: olive or coconut oil, vanilla, and raw cane sugar. Mix all three together, apply onto your body, and rinse. Not only will your skin be glowing, but it will smell amazing, too (thanks to that vanilla).