These Are The 5 Hair Colors That Will Dominate This Spring, According To Celebrities

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Celebrity-approved spring 2020 hair colors include bronde, chocolate brown, pastel pink, and platinu...

If you didn't undergo a major hair transformation by the time the cherry blossoms bloom, then did spring even happen? Like ordering a pumpkin spice latte on Oct. 1 or breaking out your basket bag the second temperatures surpass 70 degrees, dyeing your hair for spring is just one of those things. A seasonal rite of passage. Even A-listers do it, so here are the celebrity-approved hair color trends that will dominate spring 2020.

Winter's obsession with "greige," a grey-blonde hybrid demonstrated by the likes of Gigi Hadid, has given way to another crossbreed, this time bronde. A few years ago, Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Lopez, and Blake Lively were the faces of this in-between shade, but in 2020, the Kardashian-Jenners have taken it over.

Chocolate brown, pastels, and platinum are on the docket, too, as is the polarizing concept of '90s streaks (yes, really). But in addition to highlighting, you could also try twighlighting, the emerging term for golden flecks on a dark base (lending to a twinkle-light effect, hence the name).

You'd better hope your colorist has some free time this week to test these spring-ready hues on you. As told by J. Lo, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, and other celebrity hair chameleons, ahead.


One simply cannot talk about hair in 2020 without mentioning the resurgence of this popular shade. Khloe Kardashian kicked it off in early February, when she posted a photo of her honey-blonde ponytail asking her Instagram followers whether she should "go back to bronde." Only a week later, Kim K. debuted a similar color on her Instagram stories, and days after that, Kylie Jenner went bronde, too.

Chocolate Brown

People have been dyeing their hair dark brown since the dawn of time, but only now is it becoming something that signifies spring. Whereas people are typically inclined to go lighter as the temperature warms, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson have revolted against the norm.

Chunky '90s Highlights

Among the most controversial looks of the season are retro highlights. Like, Kelly Clarkson-style. Chunky streaks have been more of a faux pas than a fashion statement in recent decades, but things are changing now that Dua Lipa and J. Lo are on board with the bold highlight trend.

Pastel Pink

Rose gold tresses became a thing in 2018, around the time when Khloe Kardashian debuted a temporary bubblegum shade via Instagram (courtesy of L'Oréal Paris' $10 Colorista 1-Day Spray, by the way). Bolder colors — Billie Eilish green, etc. — took over for a quick minute, but now pink is back and winning over the hearts of Lady Gaga, January Jones, and Katy Perry.

Icy Blonde

Bleached, matte, platinum ... call it what you want, but this icy shade of blonde is going to reign come spring. Then again, is it ever not reigning? So far this year, Olivia Colman debuted a bright-blonde look at the Oscars, Hayden Panettiere tweeted a lightened-up pixie in February, and Charlize Theron traded in highlights for an allover peroxide shade.