5 So-Pretty Ponytails For Long Hair Inspired By Nicole Kidman

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If a ponytail is the hairstyle you wouldn't be caught in outside of the gym, think again. Aside from its very necessary function of keeping sweaty hair out of your face during spin class, this easy and versatile updo could be your solution to a night out, too — take it from your favorite Australian actor. This weekend, try out one of these five so-pretty ponytails for long hair, all of which are inspired by Nicole Kidman.

While other celebs seem to relegate their messy ponies to off-duty days and let their hair down for the occasional red-carpet event, Kidman does quite the opposite. When the Aquaman actor isn't sporting her signature blonde hair down in her usual loose waves, she frequently opts for a pretty, dressed-up ponytail. And she isn't afraid to play around with the age-old hairstyle.

She's appeared on the red carpet with her hair pulled back loose and low and she's posed with a teased high pony, too. From her high-tech fishtail braid to the easiest-to-create wavy ponytail, these are the five Kidman-approved hairstyles you need to add to your rotation immediately.

Loose & Low

In Nov., the Big Little Lies actor let her loose waves cascade down her back at the 2018 ARIA Awards. Her hair was gathered with a dainty (and super on-trend) bow-tied ribbon at the nape of her neck, the perfect final touch for her ultra-feminine feathery gown.

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Voluminous & High

Kidman pulled it up high for her panel at San Diego's Comic-Con International in July. Per usual, she let the face-framing pieces hang casually while the rest was tied up at her crown. The curls were teased for volume and she kept them draped over her shoulder for much of the event.

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Braided To The Side

The 51-year-old is known for her bohemian-chic style. She's constantly sporting tiered dresses with mixed patterns and layering to red-carpet events. At the AACTA Awards in Dec., she completed the look with a messy side braid. Her long hair was pulled over her shoulder, woven together in a perfectly untidy, intricate fishtail.

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Unique Yet Subtle

Here's one you don't see celebrities rocking very often: the so-called "bubble ponytail." Kidman played the bold look as safely as she could have, with it hanging low and not overly teased. The style was subtle (you could barely even tell without seeing it from behind), parted into three sections that trailed down her back.

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No-Fuss Waves

In Sept., the actor took your average messy weekend pony and made it red-carpet ready. She pulled back her natural-looking waves into a semi-taught high pony held together with a thick band. She left her bangs hanging and tucked back behind her ear.

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