Feng Shui Experts Say To Give This Neglected Space Some Love For Better Energy In Your Home

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A mirror facing your front door, a bed placed under a window, and a cluttered desk all have one thing in common: According to the Chinese practice of Feng Shui, they all disrupt the good energy flow — or qi — in your home. But don't stress if any of these describe the current state of your pad. Just as easily as you've unknowingly blocked your qi, you can get it flowing again, without having to make major or costly adjustments. In fact, with just a few expert-approved, easy Feng Shui tips, you can give your space a major makeover without having to spend a dime.

It might be helpful to first examine what exactly Feng Shui is. This ancient tradition — which literally translates to wind-water — is based on the belief that you can adjust your environment to achieve more harmonious energy. This can apply to both the architecture of your space as well as how you decorate inside, including the paint colors used in certain rooms, your use of plants, and even how you organize (or don't organize, as the case may be) your desk among other basic Feng Shui ideas you can implement ASAP.

Curious to know more about how to get the good vibes going in your home the Feng Shui way? Ahead, find five tips to try now, from those who specialize in the practice. This could be just the thing that makes it feel instantly refreshed and a whole lot more functional.


Easy Feng Shui Tip: Reconsider Your Front Door

Think of your front door as the literal entry point for good qi in your home — which means if you haven't paid this area much attention, you could be missing out. "Start using the front door at least once a week," says Aelita Leto, a Feng Shui expert based in Los Gatos, California. "It might be more convenient to use the garage door or back door, but the front door represents how qi enters your home and life. Not using the front door is like putting food in your ears and not your mouth."

And Feng Shui healer and author Michelle Cromer notes that it's important to keep the areas both outside and inside the front door neat, tidy, and welcoming. "This is where the energy of your career comes in, so making the front door look pristine is important," she explains. "Place some growing plants or flowers symbolizing the growth of your career and a new welcome mat will symbolically invite new opportunities to your career."

Easy Feng Shui Tip: Clear Out Clutter

You don't have to be a Feng Shui expert to understand the value of decluttering — but in terms of how it relates specifically to the Chinese practice, getting rid of the junk in your home means eliminating stagnation, as Leto explains. And that includes tossing the things that are broken or otherwise unusable. "If you can’t fix it, throw it away," she says. "If it doesn’t fit, donate it. Donating will bring your home good qi" Leto

One area of the home that can especially benefit from a serious tidying? Your desk. "Even if you aren’t going to use it for work, it will energetically say 'I’ve got the time and space to handle this job,'" Cromer adds. "Consider that a home desk will be a symbolic anchor for your career goals."

Easy Feng Shui Tip: Give Your Windows Some Love

"Windows symbolize the eyes of the world," explains Leto. "If your windows are dirty, you will have a hard time seeing your future." Besides keeping them clean inside and out, make sure you're periodically opening them to air out your space and let in the sunshine. "In the summer, the days are longer and there should be much more sunlight in the home," the expert adds. "Open your windows in the morning, receive the fresh air. Stimulate the mind with essential oils and music."

Easy Feng Shui Tip: Add Some Greenery

"Live plants in your home, especially thriving plants, add vitality to your daily experience," shares Leto. "A plant by a window, when appropriate, will help you be more compassionate and caring. It also rejuvenates and adds vitality." And according to Dana Claudat of The Tao of Dana, fresh flowers can help, too. "Grab weekly flowers (or pick some) and create an arrangement that matches your intention for the week. If you want to have more inspiration, you might grab some big bold bright flowers, more calm may lead you to pastels, more creativity might be a rainbow mixed bouquet of all kinds of surprising shapes and sizes."

Easy Feng Shui Tip: Shake Up Your Shelves

Ever walk by a shelf or surface of the home that just feels off? Part of practicing Feng Shui is being aware of the areas that don't feel quite right and switching them up. "If you’re tired of seeing the same things every day in the same place, reorganize shelves so that you have a fresh view," says Claudat. "Whether it’s a bookshelf or a coffee table or a decorative shelf, re-curate it so that it gives you lots of fresh perspective."

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