Tired Of Rosé? Sip On This New Wellness Drink Instead

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New wellness drinks for summer 2020.

Unsurprisingly, the ongoing pandemic continues to widen the scope of the wellness industry, with each new day of 2020 seemingly offering a new supplement or tincture. Though how you define "wellness" for your own body is still completely up to you — along with which form of spirulina you can handle, if any — the onslaught of buzzy new wellness drinks is something we can all agree on. (And sip, socially distanced, over Zoom.)

Of course, the connection between potentially better-for-you beverages and your general wellbeing has been long established, thanks to trendy-yet-not-new drinks like golden milk, smoothies, kefir, and, yes, kombucha. "Green tea, coffee, turmeric, and hibiscus are a few drinks and ingredients that actually have sound science supporting their benefits," adds Whitney English Tabaie, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist — who also says, "If you like the taste [of a wellness drink], go for it! But none of these drinks are magic elixirs."

And speaking of popular ingredients: ever-trendy adaptogens — a catch-all term for plants that help ward off stress — have made their way into your summer cooler. "However, only a few have sufficient research to support their use. The vast majority of so-called adaptogenic substances promoted by many in the wellness community are not actually supported by science," says Tabaie. "One adaptogen with science behind is Reishi mushroom, which has been shown to enhance the response of white blood cells known as 'helper cells' and 'killer T cells' that play a central role in the immune response."

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Which, you know, sounds pretty great right about now. Below, eight buzzy wellness-focused drinks to add into your summer rotation, from kombucha all the way to CBD seltzer.

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