41 Fascinating Health Products Trending On Amazon
Find mushroom coffee mix and much more health and wellness products on Amazon

The internet is filled with fascinating things — but perhaps most fascinating are the things that have the potential to improve your well-being on a day-to-day basis. If that sounds like a point of interest, the best-selling health and wellness products on Amazon are a great place to start. Put simply, these items are trending for a reason.

Specifically when it comes to new health and wellness trends, you'll want to know how (if at all) they've worked for other people who have tried them. As usual, Amazon delivers — no pun intended. Their reviews and questions sections help to clarify any important inquiries you may have, like "Is this product right for my lifestyle?" and "How has it worked for other customers?"

Of course, your primary source of research should always be your doctor (especially when it comes to oral supplements and other wellness products that you'll be ingesting), but once you've cleared it with a health professional, these first-person testimonials can be a wealth of information.

Note that what works for one person won't always work for everyone; that said, this list has 42 of the highest-trending Amazon wellness products, so hopefully you'll be able to find a few that suit you — and help you to feel more vibrant, energetic, and healthy.


An Alarm Clock That Mimics The Sunrise To Gently Wake You Up

Instead of waking you up with a loud noise (though you can also utilize the gentle, pre-programmed natural sounds), the Philips wake-up light mimics the sunrise to gradually wake you up as the light increases. Reviewers claim that they quickly "noticed a difference in [their] energy levels and mood" throughout the day.


Ketogenic Testing Strips That Let You Know If You're In Ketosis

For those following a ketogenic lifestyle, these Perfect Keto testing strips are a quick and easy way to check if you're in ketosis. Instead of inconvenient blood tests, they check the levels of ketone bodies in your urine — and the matching result pad is right on the bottle, so they're portable, convenient, and simple.


Gummies That Are Infused With Melatonin To Help You Fall Asleep

Since they're infused with melatonin as well as L-Theanine and chamomile, these chewy gummies aim to help you fall asleep quickly — and stay asleep throughout the night. Reviewers say they "taste amazing" and "actually help" them to unwind quickly "without feeling groggy in the morning."


These Vitamins That Aim To Nourish Your Hair From The Inside-Out

Thousands of reviewers are raving about these Sugarbearhair hair vitamins. Those who take them daily claim that they noticed their hair and nails growing longer and thicker after three weeks. This vegetarian formula comes in a chewy gummy and is packed with vitamins, minerals, turmeric, coconut oil, and Biotin, all of which are meant to nourish your hair from the inside-out. Best of all, they taste "like candy."


A Mushroom-Infused Coffee To Give Your Brain A Boost In The Morning

This Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee is made with roughly half the caffeine of a regular cup — but it's also infused with Lion's mane and Chaga mushrooms. The former is meant to support focus and productivity while the latter aims to boost your immunity. Those who have tried it say it causes "fewer jitters" and the instant individual packages are "super convenient in the mornings — just add hot water."


A Set Of Toe Separators For Alignment And Pain-Relief

Thanks to their medical-grade gel, these ZenToes toe separators are flexible, washable, and can be comfortably worn inside shoes. According to reviewers, they're "extremely effective" when it comes to treating bunions, overlapping toes, foot pain, and misaligned bones.


Activated Charcoal Toothpaste That Gently Whitens Teeth

Despite the fact that it's made from activated charcoal (and therefore jet-black), the before-and-after pictures for Cali White toothpaste show how real reviewers' teeth are multiple shades whiter after a few weeks of use. Ingredients like certified-organic coconut oil and baking soda cleanse the mouth without causing sensitivity. It should be noted that this formula doesn't contain fluoride.


A Massager Designed To Help You Apply Pressure Anywhere On Your Body

Using seven pressure knobs, the Body Back Buddy Jr gives you the ability to massage muscles and ease knots virtually anywhere on the body — entirely by yourself. It's made from durable polypropylene and is much smaller than the original, so you can take it (or store it) anywhere without hassle.


A Powder Supplement For Your Skin And Hair

The blend of super-herbs and pearl extract in this Beauty Dust is meant to help the body preserve collagen proteins, which supposedly results in glowing, rejuvenated skin and stronger, healthier hair. "The name says it all," one reviewer writes, while others love that "the powder mixes up smoothly" with various different drinks, including tea, coffee, hot chocolate, smoothies, and hot water.


A Plastic-Free Water Filter That You Can Drop In Any Pitcher Or Bottle

This Kishu water-filtering stick is a plastic-free, eco-friendly alternative to plastic water filters. Just drop it into a pitcher or glass of water and the activated-charcoal will adsorb the toxins. Every stick is made from the branch of an oak tree, and it'll last for four months, after which it can be used as a refrigerator deodorizer.


A Whole30 Cookbook With A Cult Following

If you're considering doing Whole30, reviewers say that this book has "everything you need" to keep you prepped, informed, and prepared. The Whole30 Guide follows a step-by-step plan to teach participants exactly how to make it through the whole month on the meal plan. It also includes prep advice, quick-reference FAQs, detailed guidelines, success stories, and over 100 delicious recipes. "This book has simply changed my life," one reviewer writes.


Full-Coverage Menstrual Panties To For Extra Leak-Protection

Available in black, beige, and a mix of the two, these Hesta Rael menstrual panties are woven from natural cotton and have a water-resistant lining that offers extra protection for heavy flows. Their full-coverage design prevents leaks throughout the day (and night), and reviewers say they're "comfortable," "easy to wash," and an "excellent alternative" to other hassle-filled period products.


An Ergonomic Ceramic Pot To Irritate Your Sinuses

Whether your nasal passages are clogged due to allergies, sinus issues, or a cold, the ComfyPot might be your answer to clearer sinuses. Its ergonomic, anti-spill spout creates a secure seal against your nostril while the ceramic water vessel utilizes gravity to flush out your sinuses, causing the mucus and irritants to flow out the other nostril. Since it's made from ceramic and silicone, it's also easy to thoroughly sanitize.


A Smart Water Bottle That Tracks Intake And Reminds You To Stay Hydrated

The Hidrate Spark 2.0 is a smart water bottle that syncs with your phone, Fitbit, apple watch, or MyFitnessPal to help you stay hydrated throughout the day. Not only does it track your water intake, but it glows to remind you to meet your daily goals — and the long-lasting replaceable battery means that it doesn't require any charging, either. It's available in five colors and uses only BPA-free materials.


An All-In-One Brewing Kit So You Can Make Your Own Kombucha

Kombucha is a source of probiotics and essential good bacteria — but it's also several dollars a bottle in most health food stores. The Kombucha Shop brewing kit comes with everything you need to make your own kombucha at home, including loose-leaf tea, a starter pouch, pH strips, a brewing jar, and detailed instructions. Reviewers say it's both easy to use and comes out delicious, and since you can reuse the scoby, it continues to pay for itself batch after batch.


An Affordable Acupressure Mat That Buyers Are Raving About

Using nearly 8,000 tiny spikes that stimulate pressure points in the neck and back, the ProSource Fit acupressure mat aims to relieve back pain and promote relaxation for the body and mind. It supposedly prompts a release of endorphins, which ease pain and can even help you fall asleep easier. "I use this every night before bed," one reviewer says. "If you're looking for a natural way to relax muscles and cut shoulder and neck tension, get yourself [an] acupressure mat!" This one even comes with a rounded neck pillow.


A Comfortable Support Brace That Aims To Correct Posture And Back Pain

The Berlin & Daughter posture corrector uses six overlapping elastic straps to pull your shoulders up and back, so you can overcome slouching. It's adjustable as well as available in four sizes — and reviewers say they've "experienced far less neck, shoulder, and back pain" despite countless long hours at a computer.


A Wood-Grain Essential Oil Diffuser With Over 3,000 Reviews

Add humidity back into the air and diffuse your favorite essential oils with the InnoGear aromatherapy diffuser. This wood-grain design has a 200-milliliter tank for up to six hours of output. It also has built-in timer functions as well as a color-changing LED light, and reviewers say it's extremely high quality for the price. No wonder it has over 3,000 reviews.


An Accessible Journal That Helps Reviewers "Add More Happiness To Each Week"

If an everyday journaling practice seems a little overwhelming, 52 Lists for Happiness is a brilliant alternative that helps you shift your awareness to the positive things in your life. Created by author and entrepreneur Moorea Seal, this journal is filled with prompts, activities, and uplifting illustrations, all in a hardcover design. Reviewers say that the weekly plans are "easy, quick, and fun," but they really do help to increase their happiness and gratitude levels.


A Himalayan Salt Lamp For A Soothing Ambiance And Cleaner Air

The Himalayan Glow pink crystal lamp has an unbelievable 11,000 reviews, and buyers call it "the most soothing light [they've] ever owned." In addition to the soft, orange glow, the natural salt crystals supposedly release negative ions into the air, which are thought to cling to allergens and rejuvenate the body. This particular model has a dimmer, a neem-wood base, and a six-foot cord.


A Dairy-Free Milk Alternative That's Rich, Creamy, And Froths Nicely

If you're attempting to cut out dairy, but can't seem to find an adequate replacement for your morning lattes, Oatly oat milk is well-worth a try. According to reviewers, it's "rich" and "creamy" like real cow's milk, but doesn't contain any added sugar; instead, the taste and texture comes from pulverized, strained oats, which are rich in unsaturated fat. Plus, unlike most other dairy alternatives, oat milk actually foams up nicely when heated and frothed. "I have tried every type of non-dairy milk on the planet and this oat milk is amazing," raves one reviewer.


An Uniquely-Shaped Pillow For Those With Cervical Pain

At first glance, the Coisum orthopedic cervical pillow might look a little odd — but its butterfly-shaped design provides pain-relief for side-, stomach-, and back-sleepers alike. It's made from curve-adapting memory foam and has various angles and heights to support the spine in any position. It even has a hypoallergenic case that's removable, washable, and promotes airflow to keep you cool. "The best choice I've ever made," says one reviewer who has tried "dozens and dozens of pillows."


A Textured Cushion That Stretches And Massages The Lumbar

Those with chronic lower back pain say they "can't live without" the Solidback stretcher after incorporating it into their daily routine. This firm cushion has a curved design to stretch your lumbar and is covered in point-stimulating textures that supposedly help realign your spine — and offer pain-relief for various back-related issues.


A Supplement That Aims To Reduce Your Stress Levels And Boost Your Mood

So far, the customer feedback for the Genius Joy serotonin-booster supplement has been astounding: "Never in a million years did I think something like this would work... For some reason I decided to give this one a shot and boy am I happy I did." Using ingredients like vitamin B complex, L-theanine, ginseng, and other brain-supporting extracts, this supplement aims to reduce stress, boost your mood, raise your energy levels, and provide an overall better sense of well-being... and according to the 4.5-star rating and the 1,400 reviews, it's worth the price tag.


An Immune-Boosting Throat Spray Made From Bee Propolis

Whether you're nursing a sore throat, post-nasal drip, and a cold, or you're trying to prevent them from happening in the first place, Beekeeper's Naturals throat spray is a great to have on-hand. It's made from high-quality Canadian bee propolis, which not only coats your throat, but is also rich in antioxidants to boost your immunity. Last but absolutely not least, it tastes amazing — "like candy."


A Yoga Wheel That Helps Improve Your Flexibility, Strength, and Balance

Some reviewers use UpCircleSeven wheel to stretch their back and relieve tension in their lumbar, but its intended purpose? A brilliant, durable yoga prop for improving back bends, aiding in flexibility, developing core strength, and increasing balance. On the inside, it's constructed from non-flexible PVC that can support up to 550, and on the outside, there's a thick layer of sweat-resistant foam padding to cushion your poses.


Sweet, Floral Tea That Gives Your Immune System A Boost

Despite the fact that it's called "Fireberry," this Tiesta tea blend tastes sweet, floral, and "very refreshing," according to reviewers. The rooibos, cranberry, spices, and hibiscus are all loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, which are meant to boost your immune system and keep you healthy throughout flu season. "This is one of my go to's," one reviewer says, "especially in the winter/fall season when everyone is sick."


A Stretching Strap With 12 Loops For All Levels Of Flexibility

Most traditional fitness straps have two loops — one on either end — but the Gradient stretching strap offers 12 independent loops for all different intensities and levels. It can be used for various workouts (including yoga, CrossFit, and physical therapy), and is available in four color options, all with an included drawstring bag for storage and travel. "Can a strap be amazing?" one reviewer asks. "Well, in this case, yes... It is worth every dollar and more."


A Caffeine-Free Drink For Focus, Clarity, And Memory

Instead of utilizing caffeine to jump-start your brain, BrainGear has green tea, various vitamins, and neuron-supporting ingredients that aim to improve memory, concentration, and cognitive ability throughout the day. Reviewers say it "simply makes [them feel like they're] in the zone," and since it comes in a travel-friendly, recyclable container (and it tastes "surprisingly sweet"), it's a supplemental drink they actually look forward to.


An All-Natural Salve For Cuts, Burns, Bug Bites, Cracked Skin, And Rashes

Instead of petrolatum, parabens, and harsh preservatives, Svasthya Heal All balm uses ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, coconut oil, plantain, and real essential oils to increase the speed of tissue rejuvenation. Reviewers have used it on burns, cuts, bites, and dry, irritated skin, and say that all of the aforementioned "healed so fast."


A Portable Toilet That You Can Take Camping

With a detachable waste tank that can hold up to 5 gallons, this portable toilet is a must-have companion for anyone who is a little squeamish when it’s time to “go” while you’re camping. The water tank provides up to 70 flushes before it needs to be refilled — and many reviewers wrote about how it’s “easy to clean.”


This Shampoo Brush That Also Massages Your Scalp

The soft silicone bristles on this shampoo brush are not only great for scrubbing away dirt, but they also provide a gentle massage that can help stimulate blood flow in your scalp. It doesn’t even need to be wet, as the bristles feel great regardless of whether they’re wet or dry — and the handle on the back helps you keep a firm grip in the shower.


A Highly-Rated Bone Broth To Add Nutrients To Virtually Any Meal

Because it's packed with nutrients, collagen, and amino acids, high-quality bone broth is a cornerstone in various meal plans (including Paleo, Keto, and Whole30). That said, it's also extremely time-consuming to make, and difficult to find quality animal sources. Kettle and Fire bone broth is free from GMO, soy, and gluten, and is made from only organic chicken and pasture-raised, grass-fed beef. Reviewers say it's "by far the best broth [they've] tried" in both taste and nutritional value, and is extremely easy to add to meals — or drink straight.


A Pack Of Seeds That Are Completely Non-GMO

Not only are these seeds non-GMO, but each order includes step-by-step instructions to help you make sure that they sprout. Each order includes a variety of herbs, including basil, anise, sage, cilantro, cumin, dill, and more. Plus, one reviewer wrote that “These all germinated perfectly.”


A Set Of Grounding Mats For Earthing In-Doors

Studies show that when the human body makes direct contact with the earth, it picks up free electrons that aid in better sleep and reduced pain. This practice is called "earthing," or "grounding," and since not everyone is capable of daily, barefoot walks, someone invented grounding mats. These interesting gadgets plug into the bottom prong of your outlet to ground you to the earth while you sleep, work, or relax. This set also comes with two wrist or ankle cuffs for more freedom of movement, and reviewers say, "My sleep has been better than literally ever."


A Convenient, One-Step Drops For Organic Herbal Tea On The Go

For travelers, busy people, and those who simply appreciate convenience, Tea Drops are the "best new way to make your tea." These tablets are made from organic, herbal tea leaves that have been pressed into travel-friendly shapes — and the raw sugar and spices have already been added. The tablets dissolve in boiling water to give you a delicious, nutrient-rich cup, and some tea-lovers say it's the "best tea they've had to date, hands down."


An Alcohol-Free Mouthwash That Eliminates Germs Without Irritations

Even though it's alcohol-free, extremely subtle-tasting, and won't cause a burning sensation, CloSYS sensitive mouthwash tackles more than 99 percent of oral germs. It's pH-balanced, suitable for sensitive teeth, and can even be used to sanitize your toothbrush.


These Gluten-Free, High-Protein Bars That Contain Both Prebiotics And Probiotics

According to one of many happy reviewers, "if you are going to grab a bar this is a great choice. Especially if you have dietary restrictions." Truth Bars are high in fiber and protein, free from GMO, gluten, and soy, and contain both prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health. This pack comes with three different flavors (chocolate almond crunch, mint chocolate chip, and chocolate peanut butter crunch), and even though they're low in sugar, customers say they're "absolutely delicious."


A Drug-Free Sleep Aid That Trains Your Mind And Body To Settle Down

Dodow utilizes an advanced, touch-activated light system to teach you how to fall asleep naturally. Simply place it on your bedside table, touch the surface, and synchronize your breathing to the light that's projected on the ceiling; this aims to slow your mind and body so you can fall into a restful sleep — without taking anything. So far, reviewers have had great things to say, like "it's worked like a charm," and "[this is] the best thing I've ever bought."


A Ceramic Inhaler Filled With Genuine Himalayan Sea Salt

Filled with genuine, food-grade Himalayan sea salt crystals, this ceramic inhaler aims to provide relief from sinus conditions and respiratory issues. Supposedly, tiny salt particles mix with the moisture in your breath to lubricate and cleanse your nasal passages, throat, and lungs. One reviewer says, "I don't usually write reviews, but I am obsessed with this thing...There have been several nights where I have woken up to itchy eyes, a stuffed up nose, a sore throat, and congestion, and after breathing through the inhaler for a couple of minutes I can breath normally."


A Satisfying Snack That's More Nutrient-Dense Than Any Vegetable

Seaweed is very nutrient dense — not to mention an incredible source of iodine, which is necessary for proper thyroid function, metabolic activity, and protein synthesis. GimMe Snacks roasted seaweed is USDA-certified organic, non-GMO, Keto-friendly, and available in five delicious flavors that reviewers call "tasty" and a "great snack." Customers say this brand is particularly hard to find for a reasonable price in-store, so they're "excited [to] buy them in bulk on Amazon," especially because they "go through these like candy."

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