This Health Craze Actually Helped Clear My Skin

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It's highly unlikely that you haven't heard of kombucha. But if you haven't, where have you been? For the few who don't know, kombucha is a combination of tea, bacteria, and juice or sugar. It may sound a little off-putting to sip on bacteria, but trust us, it's loaded with health benefits, including better gut health and digestion. The fermented tea (which has a cider-like or subtle tart taste and fizzy consistency) and the Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast—or SCOBY—is totally worth the hype.

From my own personal experience, I was hesitant to hop on this health trend but I'm glad that I did. Despite the unusual vinegar-like scent, I actually enjoyed kombucha the first time I tried it. My friends recommended Health Ade's Pink Lady Apple flavor, which is similar to a spiked apple cider. But it wasn't the flavor or accessibility of the beverage that kept me wanting more. It was the fact that, after about two weeks of sipping the stuff, I noticed some impressive changes in the state of my skin.


A little background: At the time of my kombucha discovery, I had been suffering from sudden breakouts as a result of travel and climate change. I had always heard that probiotics helped those who suffer from acne, but after years of trying pill versions that did nothing, I finally gave up and turned to medication during my college years. Once I hit my 20s, my acne lessened and I chose to go off any meds and deal with the sporadic breakouts as they came.

However, after just a few days of sipping kombucha, I noticed the probiotics were working their magic in slowly clearing up my face, so I obviously kept on drinking! The results continued to be positive and I noticed after a few weeks my complexion was less inflamed, red and, more importantly, free of new acne. I didn't expect the kombucha to help my skin condition and I was actually drinking it as a digestion aide, but I ended up getting both effects as a result! I'm not alone in this, some skincare brands have gone so far as to include kombucha in their product formulas, so I'm not alone in my admiration.

If you're looking for a way to incorporate kombucha into your life, consider the following skincare products as a start.

This essence is formulated with kombucha, fermented black tea, to protect against pollution.

This gentle cleanser gives skin a deep cleanse and is loaded with organic acids and vitamins to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

This oil-free moisturizer is part of the clean beauty movement. The kombucha in this formula balances the skin's natural bacteria while acai, fruit stem cells and aloe vera work to hydrate.

Yes, you can find kombucha in a drugstore face mist as well. This spray is a combination of rose water and fermented tea to help restore, tone, balance and refresh.