These New March 2020 Launches Will Have Your Skin Spring-Ready By Next Weekend

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REN Clean Skincare's Overnight Glow Sleeping Cream was a major new skincare launch in March 2020
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Spring has officially sprung, which means A) it is no longer "too early" to shop for a bikini and B) it's time you made a change in the old morning routine. March 2020 saw heaps of new skincare products to help wean you off your winter creams. Whether you're in the market for a high-end beauty elixir, an on-the-go cuticle pen, a self tanning system, or a $5 aluminum-free deodorant, you shouldn't have any trouble finding it amid this mile-long list of spring launches.

Superfoods played a major role this month, between caffeinated facials, honey body wash, and a scrub designed after breakfast cereal. Whereas in the past, umpteen-step skincare regimens were trendy, warm weather poses the need for minimalism. Brands are making it easier to simply slather on a sunscreen-containing serum and go.

M-61 added a jelly cleanser and makeup remover wipes to its lineup while Peter Thomas Roth launched a treatment for discoloration (fresh-faced selfies, here you come!). L'Oréal Paris rolled out straight-up vials of hyaluronic acid, getting straight to the point, and Bobbi Brown might have honestly topped its universally loved Vitamin Enriched Face Base with a new water-based cream.

35 new products to get your skin spring-ready, ahead.

We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

This Addition To L'Occitane's Beloved Almond Range

L'Occitane's immortal Almond Shower Oil has acquired such a cult following that it's sparked an entire range of nut-derived bath products. In March, the brand launched this muesli-inspired body scrub made from almond shell powder, omega-rich almond oil, and buckwheat seed extract, all working together to exfoliate away dead skin.

A Skin-Evening Treatment From Peter Thomas Roth

Spring is not the time to be battling discoloration. This new Peter Thomas Roth treatment — made with a cocktail of high-potency brightening acids — will whip your skin into shape just in time for #makeupfree selfies.

The Beauty Chef's Dry Skin-Defying Elixir

You know what they say: Beauty comes from within. The Beauty Chef's new ingestable elixir aims to ward off dry skin with plant-based omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 oils, chia seed, sea buckthorn fruit, and evening primrose oil, which does wonders for inflammation.

An Updated Version Of Jurlique's Rosewater Balancing Mist

If you took a toner and made it smell like a bouquet of roses, you'd get Jurlique's Rosewater Balancing Mist: hydration, glow, and fresh floral fragrance in a face-friendly mist. It's the same formula that Jurlique fans already love, but this time bottled up in limited-edition packaging inspired by the South Australian roses it's made from.

A Facial That Could Replace Your Caffeine Addiction

If you're at all familiar with Youth To The People, then you know that turning superfoods into skincare is sort of the brand's thing. This new dual-action microdermabrasion facial-in-a-jar (which takes literally two minutes) uses a caffinated tea blend to jumpstart skin.

Murad's Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum

Those who need a little help in the glow department (all of us, let's be honest) will want to get their hands on Murad's new pick-me-up. This serum features new-to-market "gold-stabilized" Vitamin C, which helps to enhance L-ascorbic acid stability (i.e. the thing that actually brightens skin), accelerate cell renewal, and simultaneousy exfoliate dry skin.

The Moisture Hit Collection From eos

Nobody needs an excuse to add another eos lip balm to their bag, but if you did — hypothetically — need more coaxing, the brand's latest collection centers around skin-loving hemp seed oil. When eos trialed Moisture Hit for one day only last spring, it sold out within 12 hours. Now, the CBD lip balm is here to stay.

& Its Spring Notes Collection, Too

Later in the month, eos launched another collection, this one a series of four lip balm-and-sphere bundles in the flavors of coconut, watermelon, pink citrus, and garden zest. They're even packaged up with adorable greeting cards to give to friends.

A Sunscreen That Meets Your Clean Beauty Needs (Finally)

Sunscreen is a must every day of the year, but especially during spring and summer. You don't want to rub oxybenzone and other harmful chemicals into your skin in attempt to protect it, though. Enter: Biossance's new nasty-free, SPF 30 mineral sunscreen, made of non-nano and reef-safe zinc, water lily, and sugarcane.

M-61's Hydrating Jelly Cleanser

M-61, famous for those PowerGlow Peel Pads you can't get enough of, added a new jelly cleanser to its lineup in March. Unlike many cream cleansers, this vegan gel formula washes away dirt, makeup, and impurities without stripping the moisture from your skin. It features soothing aloe and hydrating tamarind in addition to M-61's signature hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 combination.

Also, Its New Good-For-You Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes get a bad rap for their harsh chemicals and for leaving skin feeling greasy, but if these Power Cleansing Cloths have M-61's name on them, they're destined to be good. In addition to salicylic acid and Vitamin B5, you're getting a dose of calming tea tree and witch hazel in these wipes.

An Entire Kit Of Isle Of Paradise Self Tanner

Get your summer glow started with Isle of Paradise's beauty community-approved self tanners, which now come in a nifty Own Your Glow Kit sold exclusively at Sephora. The four-piece system includes the brand's beloved Medium Self-Tanning Drops and a travel sized Self-Tanning Water, an application mitt, and a Get Body Posi Guide.

The Ideal Spring Skincare Product: BeautyBio's Gel Cream

If you're not into thick moisturizers, then BeautyBio's latest might just be the perfect fit for that awkward time between winter and spring when some days you need a gel and others you need a cream. The lightweight formula combats redness, dullness, uneven texture, and oiliness without leaving skin feeling sticky.

This Magic Dark Under-Eye Circle Eraser

An eye cream that magically erases all signs of last night's insomnia? Yes, please. Sisley Paris' new addition to the Black Rose Collection is the nemesis of dark circles and puffiness. Pack it around in your bag for a quick touch-up before your next work meeting.

Allies Of Skin's Peptide Firming Treatment

In early March, Allies of Skin launched a peptide-packed firming treatment that features nine antioxidants, seven brighteners, and a highlight ingredient called teprenone that elongates freshness. It's super creamy for the ones who like rich formulas à la Weleda Skin Food, but promises to never clog pores

A Lip Balm That Doubles As Cheek Ointment

Lano prides itself on offering the "world's best balm" and regardless of whether the brand has any statistical evidence of that superlative, something about these lip products has every beauty obsessee swooning. Its multipurpose balm and ointment — designed for both lips and cheeks — is now available in baby rose gold.

Goop's Overnight Acid Peel

The latest addition to the GOOPGLOW collection is also the one that finally ushered the lineup into Sephora stores this March. It's an overnight acid peel with mild levels of glycolic acid, which helps to remove dead skin and support cell turnover while you sleep.

Fresh's Sugar Lip Balms In 3 New Flavors

Following the success of its original flavored hydrating balms — packed with moisture-locking sugar, apricot kernel oil, and black currant seed oil — Fresh just introduced three new flavors: blood orange, watermelon, and lime mint.

This All-Skintype Cleanser From Holifrog

Holifrog's business model is centered on the concept of "situational cleansing." No two skin types are the same and you can have different skin types on different days, which means you should be have an entire collection of cleansers in your arsenal. However, its latest wash is a one-size-fits-all kind of product, made from poppy seeds and bamboo powder, a trinity of facial oils, and vitamins that are suited for any skin type (even the one you have right now).

Beauty Sleep In A Bottle

RMS Beauty is calling its new Kakadu Elixir "beauty sleep in a bottle" for the way it brightens, restores, and hydrates skin overnight. The Kakadu fruit from which it's derived is packed with Vitamin C in high concentration.

Lancer's Hydration-Surge Mask

The latest to come from celebrity dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer's office is a moisture mask. It creates what the brand calls a "hydration barrier," locking in all the beneficial bio-peptides and Vitamin B3 so that even after you blot it off, your skin will remain quenched.

This Detoxifying Clay Mask From True Botanicals

Speaking of masks: This one from True Botanicals is spring cleaning, but for skin. The primary functions of this new nighttime ritual are to purify, soften, and illuminate skin, minimizing visible pores and congestion in the long term.

REN Clean Skincare's Dark Spot Sleeping Cream

If it's dark spots — rather than dehydration — that plague you, REN Clean Skincare's new targeted treatment claims to even out complexion after seven days. And while you wait for those pesky marks to fade, the cream will work to plumpen and luminate.

Farmacy's Honey-Made Body Wash

Farmacy is famous for making skincare that you can eat. Its new foaming body wash, for instance, is made with moisturizing buckwheat honey and apple cider (disclaimer: don't bathe when hungry).

A Body Cream That Lifts & Tightens

Caudalie's new body cream is more than just a moisturizer. It's full of nurturing grape seed oil, hydrating shea butter, and all kinds of ingredients that help lift, firm, tighten, and sculpt. This is perfect for arms, waist, butts, and any area that's lost elasticity.

A $5 Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Aiding in your seemingly neverending quest to find a nasties-free deodorant that *actually* curbs B.O. is Seventh Generation's Not Just Deodorant, an aluminum-free formula made from arrowroot powder. And unlike other clean deodorants, it doesn't cost a million dollars.

Cuticle Oil On The Go

Yes, skincare applies to nails, too. This on-the-go cuticle oil comes in a handy, travel-friendly pen so you can prep your nails for a mani on the metro or during lunch.

L'Oréal Paris' New Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules

Buzzy as it may be, you don't need an ultra-luxe, ridiculously-expensive product for your daily dose of hyaluronic acid. L'Oréal Paris just introduced a pack of seven pure hyaluronic acid vials to your nearest drugstore, guaranteeing more hydrated, illuminated skin in just one week.

Flesh's Hydrating SPF 35 Serum

They say to never leave the house without sunscreen, but piling on products every morning is exhausting. Flesh makes it much easier to work SPF into the routine with its new UV ray-fighting serum.

A Cream Made Almost Entirely Of Water

If you couldn't survive a day without Bobbi Brown's cult-favorite Vitamin Enriched Face Base, then its new Water Cream is about to become your new best friend. Made of over 70 percent H20, this cream provides 100 hours of hydration, according to the brand.

MAC's New Cherry Blossom-Scented Mist

Florals are of course a feature in March skincare launches and MAC's new mist is no different. Treat it as a primer, a toner, or a mid-day pick-me-up; whatever the case, this refreshing spray will leave you glowing and smelling like a cherry blossom.

Tatcha's Silk Canvas In Liquid Form

You already know about Tatcha's Silk Canvas primer (probably because you use it every morning). Well, this is the liquid version. Oil-free and concocted from actual silk proteins and botanical extracts. You're welcome.

A Spot Treatment That Also Prevents Scars

Salicylic acid is no new breakthrough ingredient for a spot treatment, but one that also includes scar-fighting chlorophyll so that your post-acne marks will dissappear faster? That might just be the best idea of 2020.

First Aid Beauty's Weightless Face Sunscreen

The bad thing about face sunscreen — besides the fact that it is traditionally loaded with chemicals — is how it tends to feel thick and sticky on skin. First Aid Beauty's sheer and weightless SPF, however, absorbs as quickly as your morning moisturizer.

Frankies Bikini's Glow-Enhancing Face Mist

While you're out in the imminent heat, you'll want to have this bag-ready glow mist — packed with aloe, coconut water, ginger root extract, hyaluronic, Vitamin B5, and mint balm — on hand for a mid-day refresher.

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