The Liquid Version Of Tatcha’s Best-Selling Priming Balm Has Finally Arrived

Tatcha / Instagram
Tatcha's new Liquid Silk Canvas is the latest version of the brand's best-selling primer

While society hasn't come up with a better way to reinvent the wheel, J-beauty brand Tatcha has come up with a way to reinvent its best-selling primer; aka the Silk Canvas primer. The velvety balm formula that comes in a compact has more than 2,000 five-star reviews on Sephora, so it's not a stretch to say this product is beloved by fans — it's basically worshipped. But greatness can always be expanded upon, and Tatcha's new Liquid Silk Canvas primer, debuted March 3, does exactly that.

While both products are dedicated to improving skin's appearance and longterm health — along with serving as a base for makeup — the main difference between the OG Silk Canvas and the new Liquid Silk Canvas is, well, the liquid part. Tatcha swapped out the compact and balm for an oil-free, weightless formula that leaves behind a satin finish made for standalone looks or to lock in makeup.

The reason for that lightweight and dewy finish is thanks to the powerhouse ingredient right in the name: silk. The $52 primer packs not one, not two, but three different silk extracts — fibroin, sericin, and silk powder — which create a smooth, canvas-like base, prevent makeup from seeping into the skin, and, as a bonus, provide protection against pollution.


And to make sure the product is true to the Tatcha name, it's also infused with the brand's signature Hadasei trio: Uji green tea (an antioxidant-rich botanical that helps with signs of aging), Okinawa Mozuku algae (which aids in moisture retention and renewal), and Akita rice (a famous Japanese rice which doubles as a moisturizer).

If this primer is anything like its predecessor, you might want to act fast when it comes to snagging it. Though it just hit the site, it's already racked up more than 2,000 "loves" on Sephora and has multiple reviews from customers stating this is the closest they've ever been to baby-smooth skin. Shop The Liquid Silk Canvas primer from Tatcha right now on its website, on Sephora.com, and in Sephora stores.