31 January Outfits That Will Set The Tone For A Well-Dressed New Year

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Over the past 12 months you've added professional baker to your resume and finally learned how to use TikTok. However, in terms of fashion, 2020 might not have felt so progressive. Your favorite metallic heels are still tucked away under your bed, along with all the dresses untouched in your closet. But on a positive note, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. While you won't necessarily be headed into a jam-packed restaurant anytime soon, you can still kick off the new year in high style. This January, lean on chic outfits to get your creative juices flowing.

While leaving your warm, toasty home and combating the 17 degree temperature outside isn't enjoyable, it sure is fun dressing for winter weather. In fact, once you learn the art of layering, you'll probably look forward to bundling up. Not to mention, these days throwing on a puffer jacket is basically like wearing your comforter outdoors (thanks to new iterations from brands like Jil Sander and Rains). Below, you'll find 31 outfits to wear all throughout January, no matter if you'll be staying at home playing Scattergories with your family or venturing outside to meet up with friends at the park. Whatever your month entails, make 2021 your best dressed year yet.

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January Outfit: Outdoor PJs

Too lazy to change out of your pajamas for your morning stroll? All you need is a polished cream coat — your fellow walkers won't even blink an eye.

January Outfit: Learn To Layer

Winter is all about layering, but instead of throwing on multiple jackets, consider doubling up on your tops. A relaxed plaid button-down and elevated tube top makes for an exciting juxtaposition.

January Outfit: Don't Ditch The Sweats

If you're getting tired of wearing head-to-toe loungewear, pair your cozy bottoms with a luxe wool coat and edgy combat boots.

January Outfit: Modernize Your Western Staples

If western trends seem daunting to pull off, wear them with your everyday basics. For instance, a fringe jacket and cow print boots appear more modern when paired with denim and cat-eye sunglasses.

January Outfit: Add Color To A Neutral Puffer

Liven up your white comforter (you mean, puffer jacket) with funky tie-dye trousers and a bright pink bag.

January Outfit: Play With Texture

Pull your silky midi skirt out from the back of your closet and allow it to see sunlight again. Style the bottom with a knit top for a fun play on texture.

January Outfit: Double Up Jackets

On those frigid days where you don't want to feel like you're drowning in a huge parka, layering is key. You'll certainly stay warm when you pile a long coat over a blazer, button-down, and long-sleeve turtleneck tee.

January Outfit: Go For Printed Tights

If your New Year's resolution is to incorporate more prints into your wardrobe, consider swapping out your black tights for an exciting animal print pattern.

January Outfit: Coordinate On Top

If wearing the same color head-to-toe is a bit out of your comfort zone, simply coordinate the hue of your blouse with your jacket. For your bottoms, opt for denim or a khaki trouser.

January Outfit: Fun Graphic Tee

A quirky tee is equal parts eye-catching and comfortable. Easily elevate the top by throwing a chic leather blazer over it.

January Outfit: Matching Set

Have a matching set in reach for days when you're in a rush. Finish off with your favorite winter accessories and you're good to go.

January Outfit: Contrasting Prints

Lift your spirits with an outfit consisting of multiple contrasting prints. (Don't forget your zebra crocs.)

January Outfit: Flowy Silhouettes

Set your sweatpants to the side and opt for a flowy midi skirt. Give the ensemble a slight grungy feel by sliding on cool chunky boots.

January Outfit: Sweater Dress Season

Tis the season for sweater dresses. On those extra cold January days, wrap a sweater in the same hue around your neck.

January Outfit: Elevate Your Loungewear

Instantly dress up your gray sweatsuit by styling it with a polished long coat and leather black booties.

January Outfit: Trade In Your Beanie For A Beret

On days when you're itching to feel a bit fancy, throw on a beret. The style is a bit more upscale compared to your go-to beanie.

January Outfit: Bright Jacket

Cure the winter blues with a bright green jacket. If you're an adventurous dresser, stick to the same vivid color scheme throughout your whole ensemble.

January Outfit: Belt An Oversized Coat

An oversized jacket is stylish on its own, but switch things up by belting it. You'll have an entirely new look at your disposal.

January Outfit: Unexpected Combination

Baggy jeans and loafers make for a cool combination. To add a sporty vibe to the ensemble, top with a baseball cap.

January Outfit: Sleek Slip At Home

No plans? No problem. You can still wear your sleek slip dress around the house, just tone it down with a chunky cardigan.

January Outfit: Match Your Accessories

Tie together your cold-weather look by coordinating the color of your accessories. The finish is cohesive without coming off too matchy-matchy.

January Outfit: Layer A Sheer Top

A sheer turtleneck is the perfect layering item to have in your arsenal. Consider coupling the fitted blouse with loose silhouettes.

January Outfit: Choose A Leather Top

On those rare warm January days, swap out your parka for a toasty leather top.

January Outfit: Show Off Your Shoes

Show off your knee-high boots by tucking your trousers into them.

January Outfit: Continue Dressing For The Holidays

The holidays aren't completely over come January. Celebrate any last minute festivities in a metallic jumpsuit.

January Outfit: Try A Sweater Vest

For those who live in warmer climates, skip thick knits and try a trendy sweater vest instead.

January Outfit: Upgrade Your WFH Uniform

Amp up your work from home uniform by trying out a stylish midi dress. Consider this an excuse to finally break out your fancier pieces.

January Outfit: Allow Room For Layering

Choose a blazer with a boxy silhouette so you can have fun with layering underneath.

January Outfit: All-Black

When in doubt, you can always fall back on an all-black ensemble. Keep things interesting by incorporating different materials into the look (like suede, leather, and a cashmere knit).

January Outfit: Elevate Your Black Leggings

Elevate a pair of black leggings by styling them with a luxe quarter-zip pullover and knee-high boots.

January Outfit: Loud Printed Pants

Take your puffer coat look to the next level by coupling the jacket with loud printed pants.

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