What Women In Their 40s Actually Want This Holiday Season


With each new decade, personal style evolves as you gain a better understanding of who you are. In your 40s you have had time to refine your career, interests, and social life and likely during the holidays someone in their 40s craves gifts that reflect all of that. If you're trying to navigate the best presents for women in this age group, try treating her to something that adds a bit of luxury to her day-to-day routine.

Find ways to indulge her hobbies, "anything experiential is a huge bonus," suggests Caroline Maguire, fashion director at Shopbop. You can always gift her a massage, relaxing dinner, or a pack of Pilates classes. Offer up an accessory that will make her everyday plans feel extra special. "A yoga mat is a great idea to enhance an otherwise routine activity," says Maguire,

And while it's a bit tricky to gift anything geared toward executing household chores (unless she specifically asks), fun kitchen utensils for the foodie or chic, decorative home gifts can help spark her creativity. Also, for a gift that feels especially thoughtful, consider customization. "Personalization is perfect for gift-giving this holiday season," notes Maguire, explaining that custom jewelry — an initial necklace or name plate, even a piece with her zodiac sign shows that you found something especially geared toward her.

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