The Unexpected Spring Print That’s About To Take Over Your Wardrobe

Susan Alexandra

As Gucci's Spring/Summer 2019 collection strutted down the runway, one unexpected print caught everyone's eye — and no, not talking about the Dolly Parton-emblazoned jean jacket. Gucci's signature red and green shades were reimagined as a cheeky, illustrated strawberry print, used on denim, bags, and a flowing dress. With it was a clear sign: Gucci had placed its stamp of approval on the fruit print trend for 2019, making it just one of the many brands serving up the fresh print to fashion lovers this season.

You may be shaking your head, thinking to yourself that this isn't a 2019 trend. And you'd be half right. Vogue dubbed fruit prints as the biggest trend of summer 2018, and Refinery29 the year before that — and so on, so forth. But, dare it be said, 2019 has put its own spin on it; this year's fruit illustrations are not the luxuriously tropical prints found in Blanche Devereaux's bedroom.

The new take is purposefully whimsical, oftentimes enthusiastically clashing with other prints, textures, or colors (à la Gucci). It's more about wearing a print that's bright and cheerful with neutral checks or slick, futuristic bodysuits. Take it from the king of pattern-mixing himself: "I feel very close to the concept of intermixing beautiful things, between high and low culture," reads a quote by Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele on the brand's website, regarding the strawberry-embossed collection. 2019's fruit print trend is anti-minimalism dressing at its juiciest.


And he's not the only one turning to the garden this summer. STAUD's Summer 2019 collection — which is available for pre-order now — is ripe with co-ordinating fruit- and vegetable-printed sets. Famous for her beaded fruit handbags and earrings, Susan Alexandra teamed up with Champion, releasing a streetwear capsule collection April 22. (The sustainable clothing brand MaisonCléo has also teased a Susan Alexandra collab, commenting on Instagram that it should appear in May.)

So, who better to explain the beauty of the trend — and how to master wearing it — than the fruit fan herself? "I am so happy my name is synonymous with fruits! I have been touting the benefits of a good fruit print for as long as I can remember (seriously, since age five I have been decked out in watermelons)," Susan Alexandra tells The Zoe Report over email. "Beyond the striking beauty of fruit (the colors! the shapes! the textures!), I think there is a profound symbolic message. Fruits are these exquisite beings that are so full of life and vibrance. Their lifespan is fleeting — reminding us to be present and in the now."

However, she does recognize that the print can feel a tad bold for the more subdued shopper. "Personally, I do not shy away from a fruit accent or print but to pear (haha) them down, I recommend mixing them with a neutral: a white pant or denim," Alexandra recommends. "When I was designing the Champion x UO pieces, I considered that some people wouldn't feel comfortable with a wild all-over print, so I incorporated fruit motifs on solid black and white bases. It's a very demure fruit moment."

Demure or not, how you choose to have your 2019 fruit moment is up to you. Ahead, 10 options to sink your teeth into.