This Susan Alexandra Collab Is Basically Instagram Gold

Urban Outfitters

If you’ve spotted a quirky beaded bag on the streets or while scrolling through your social media feed in the past year, it’s likely it was made by Susan Alexandra, an up-and-coming label known for its colorful handmade accessories. But now that it's mastered the art of the cool girl-approved purse, the brand is moving into apparel with its newest partnership — one that will arguably be *the* collection to own this summer. The sporty collaboration between Susan Alexandra and Champion for Urban Outfitters is officially here as of April 22, and there’s no doubt you’ll be seeing it all over Instagram in the next few weeks.

If you've ever dreamed of dressing like a bowl of salad (or a stick of zebra-striped gum, as Susan Alexandra referenced in an Instagram caption describing one of the piece's hand-painted prints), this exclusive collection is for you. The playful aesthetic that Susan Alexandra's founder Susan Korn has integrated into her line is shown throughout the collaboration, featuring an assortment of tiny fruits, bright rainbow colors, and floral prints.

Prices for the collection range from $35-$100, ensuring a budget-friendly option for everyone that's quite a bit lower than Susan Alexandra's own pieces. Included in the capsule are core items from Champion’s iconic line, including graphic tees and its popular 93Eighteen Sneaker, decorated in watermelons and flowers (of course).

The star of the collab, however, might just be the $40 slides, which, aside from being obviously very cute, apparently suggest another exciting launch from Susan Alexandra. "This is a BIG hint of what’s to come for SA and one my fav pieces from the @urbanoutfitters x @champion collab!" the brand wrote in an Instagram post on April 23.

While Susan Alexandra is probably best known for its handmade beaded handbags, the brand also carries a wide range of quirky jewelry that fashion girls can't get enough of (even Gigi Hadid has been spotted wearing earrings from the brand). And as if that wasn't proof of its growing popularity, the brand also hosted its first fashion week presentation in February 2019 with a diner-themed show that took over basically every fashion editor's Instagram for the day.

This latest collaboration is clearly just further evidence of the brand's growing following (and hopefully expansion), and it's one that's sure to be equally as Instagrammed as every other piece Korn helps dream up.

Ahead, find 11 items in this exclusive collection to snag before they sell out — because with a collab like this, it's pretty much inevitable.