This Jewelry & Swimsuit Combo Looks So Expensive

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How to properly layer jewelry with your outfit of choice is an issue that women face any time of year. In winter it's about navigating turtlenecks or scarves, but in the summer months (or when planning a warm-weather retreat), nailing the best way to layer jewelry with swimsuits is key. For some, swimwear is a time to strip accessories back and revel in the simplicity of a bikini, SPF, and the sun while others considering one-pieces and bikinis to be the perfect canvas for an artful assortment of jewels. If the latter sounds in line with your aesthetic, you'll want to touch on the current trends.

Below, you'll find 20 ideas for styling your swimwear with a range of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings inspired by swimwear ensembles scouted on Instagram. Of course, the season's biggest swimwear trends and jewelry trends play a big part in these pairings. The most in-demand bathing suits include high-waisted bikinis, minimal one-pieces, underwire tops, metallic maillots, feminine florals, and plenty of leopard print. In the jewelry department, count of discovering loads of trendy chainlinks, playful beads, seashell pieces, and contemporary pearls. The way you mix and match these on-trend styles depends on what's on your (socially distanced) afternoon agenda.

Whether your aesthetic tends eclectic, feminine, minimal, sporty, or a combination of it all, you're sure to become inspired by the 20 stylish swimsuit and jewelry outfits ahead. If you're inclined to shop, tune into the edit of bathing suits and baubles to replicate each look on your own, including a range of black-owned swimwear and jewelry labels.

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The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Floral Bikini + Layered Necklaces

Give a sweet floral-print bikini a glamorous spin by piling on gold necklaces at varying lengths. From coin pendants to charm necklaces and chain, it's a savvy way to personalize buzzy bikinis you've already spotted all over Instagram.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Nude One-Piece + Gold Necklaces

For minimalist tastes, take a cue from stylist and personal shopper, Bettina Looney, and team together with a couple of chain necklaces with a nude one-piece. The result is ultra-elegant.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A High-Waist Bikini + Gold Hoop Earrings

High-waist bikinis are a fashion-girl favorite as are tie-dye prints and smocked fabrics. Gold hoop earrings are the perfect touch with a swimwear look like this — they're a just-noticeable-enough accent that keeps the bikini in the spotlight.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Printed One-Piece + Shell Earrings

Swimwear and jewelry are two categories that are both meant to be fun. So, why not combine two playful pieces, like seashell earrings and a boldly printed one-piece, together?

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Leopard Print Bikini + Delicate Gold Jewelry

Leopard-print bikinis are a unanimous favorite this season. Set yours off with delicate gold pieces like earrings and a couple of necklaces.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Printed Bikini + A Pearl And Chain Necklace

Combine sporty and feminine aesthetics à la Megan Adelaide and style a printed pastel bikini with a baseball hat, chain necklace, and strand of pearls. The outcome reads both unexpected and nostalgic.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Lace-Up One-Piece + Gold Bracelets

One of the easiest ways to make a statement with your swimwear is by opting for a colorful one-piece with lace-up detailing, like Kellie Brown. For a gilded touch, add in a few gold bracelets.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: An Animal Print Bikini + Shell Necklaces

Another playful swimwear and bathing suit combination is a leopard-print bikini and seashell jewelry. Mytheresa's Fashion Buying Director, Tiffany Hsu, is a masterful example of how to layer multiple shell pieces.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Pink Bikini + Mismatch Earrings And A Gold Chain

Give your pretty pink bikini a bit of edge by styling in a weighty chainlink necklace and mismatched earrings. If you don't have multiple piercings, try a few ear cuffs!

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Rainbow Bikini + Large Hoop Earrings + A Necklace + A Pearl Bracelet

Chrissy Rutherford proves, the only way to make a rainbow bikini more fun? With large hoop earrings, a pearl bracelet, and a unique pendant necklace.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Metallic Swimsuit + Chainlink Earrings

A metallic maillot is inherently glamorous. Lean into the aesthetic by styling in an oversize pair of chainlink earrings and a wide-brim hat.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A White Bikini + Gold Layered Necklaces + Hoops

The chicest way to play up a white bikini? With layers of delicate gold necklaces and sleek hoop earrings like Gabi Gregg. For a super-minimal take, look for a suit with clean lines sans embellishment.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: An Underwire Bikini + Fun And Fine Necklaces

A playful bead necklace puts a whimsical spin on timeless fine gold necklaces — try the combo with a sleek underwire bikini in a fun hue.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Black Bikini + A Necklace + Chunky Hoops and Rings

Chunky gold hoops and rings put a bold yet elevated spin on your little black bikini. For a personalized touch, add in an initial pendant.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Floral Print Swimsuit + Flower Statement Earrings

Floral-print swimwear is major this season. Play up the femininity with a bold pair of flower statement earrings.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Knit Two-Piece + A Gold Chain Necklace

Whether you're not a swimmer or like to plan an après swim look, a knitted two-piece set is so chic with a bold chainlink necklace. In lieu of a coverup, take a cue from Leonie Hanne and toss on a white button-down shirt.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Zebra-Print Swimsuit + A Watch + A Bangle Bracelet

Leopard print swimsuits may be steadily trending, but zebra print is another animal motif that's big for 2020. To temper the effect, style your preferred silhouette with a timeless bangle bracelet and watch.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Nude One-Piece + A Chain Necklace

It may be controversial, but nude swimwear is here to stay. To dial-up a simple one-piece, try a chainlink necklace with a printed scarf and oversize sunglasses.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Metallic Bikini + Dome Rings

Like metallic swimwear this season, dome rings are a total must-have. The two trends together make for a luxe-looking swimwear look for the beach, pool, or hey, maybe just in your backyard.

The Swimsuit and Jewelry Pairing: A Leopard Print Bikini + Statement Earrings + Layered Necklaces

If you're unconvinced of the leopard-print bikini trend, perhaps this stringy set combined with statement earrings and gold necklaces will change your tune.