All The Haircare Launches Hitting Shelves This February That Should Be On Your Radar

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February 2020's haircare product launches include IGK's new Offline 3-Minute Hydration Hair Mask
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When it comes to haircare launches, it seems like they'd all fall under just a couple of categories. There's shampoo, conditioner, maybe a styling cream or tool — but what else could there be? As February's new haircare products prove, a lot.

Some solve a problem you might not have known could be solved. You know those barely there curls you're always trying to get but can't figure out how to create? Kristin Ess does, which is why the hairstylist created the massive 2-inch Soft Bend Curling Iron and launched it in late January. (She also posted a mesmerizing Instagram video of exactly how to use it, which will only further convince you to buy the new launch.) Similarly, R+Co launched its new Bright Shadows Root Touch-Up Spray for $26, which easily solves the issue of an overdue hair-color appointment — simply spray it on roots to cover any grays or regrowth.

Then, there are the straight-up innovative launches. CBD skincare brand Fitish put the buzzy ingredient into haircare, creating a thickening and plumping serum that also claims to strengthen strands. And Amika launched a 60-second hair mask that was inspired by "the Korean 'Splash Mask' beauty ritual of splashing nutrient-enriched water onto skin to brighten and moisturize," according to its product description.

Ahead, these products (and *many* more) that hit shelves this month — and that might just end up on your shelves, too.

A Hydrating Mask For Busy Women

It's hard to have time for a 30-minute hair mask in 2020, so opt for IGK's new launch instead. The product is designed to hydrate and smooth in three minutes (just put it on in the shower after you shampoo, then rinse thoroughly) thanks to turmeric butter and green tea seed oil.

An Expansion Of A Davines Collection

Davines' Nourishing line got a re-formulation and an expansion this month, and now includes several products: Nourishing Shampoo, Nourishing Hair Building Pak, Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner, Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Mask, and Nourishing Keratin Sealer. The vegan collection is made with vegetable keratin, an alternative to animal-derived keratin, and biacidic bond complex to help repair damaged, brittle hair.

A Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Marc Anthony dropped not one, but five new dry shampoos this month, all of which are formulated to be invisible (aka not show any white, powder-y residue) and target a different hair need, like volume or hydration.

A Major Addition To OUAI's Lineup

OUAI fans, prepare yourselves: Jen Atkin came up with an entirely new line of shampoos and conditioners this month, which dropped on Feb. 21. The collection includes shampoos and conditioners formulated for fine, medium, and thick hair, and features sleek packaging and the brand's beloved Mercer Street fragrance.

A Humidity Shield

Giving yourself an at-home blowout only to have it ruined by humidity or stray drops of moisture is a universally frustrating feeling. That's why It's A 10 created its new Blow Dry Miracle H20 Shield — just work a few spritzes through damp hair, and then use heat (like a hair dryer or styling tool) to activate its water-resistant powers.

A *Very* Quick Hydrating Mask

As its name suggests, Amika's new Flash Instant Shine Hair Mask is designed to be fast — like works-in-60-seconds fast. The rinse-out treatment was inspired by the Korean "Splash Mask" beauty ritual, and is designed to add shine, hydrate, and soften when used in place of your normal conditioner.

A Trick To Help You Extend Your Hair Color

Pushed back your appointment yet again? R+Co gets it — and launched a new product so that no one can tell you haven't seen your hair colorist in way too long. Its new Bright Shadows Root Touch-Up Spray covers up grown-out roots and grays, soaks up oil, and provides a natural texture with treated pigment and tapioca starch.

A Softening Treatment For Gray, White, & Silver Hair

Oribe extended its crowd-favorite Silverati line this month, adding the Illuminating Treatment Masque and Illuminating Pomade to its collection of products made for white, silver, and gray hair.

A Leave-In Cream For Dry, Color-Treated Curls

Mizani's new 25 Miracle Cream is the ultimate multitasker — it protects color-treated hair from UV rays, adds softness and moisture, and defines curls and coils.

A New Curl Line From A Target Fave

Kristin Ess launches are a major event for beauty lovers, but the hairstylist took it to the next level to kick off 2020. In addition to four new ceramic tools, seven new core products, three new French pin sets, and five new shades of the Signature Hair Gloss, the brand also launched its Curl Collection on Jan. 27, which includes six products focused on moisture and definition.

*Very* Luxe Shampoo

Thinking of trying one of 2020's new hair-color trends? It might be time to invest in Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris' latest launch, which uses Hibiscus flower extract to cleanse color-treated hair while extending the life of your shade.

One Of *Many* Launches From An Affordable Brand

Cake Beauty joined the group of brands launching a whole lineup of new products this month, adding more than 10 to its collection of affordable haircare, all for under $10 (and available at Walgreens).

A Whole New Collection From Kérastase

Kérastase's new collection is all about cutting down on hair fall due to weakened strands from brushing. The new launch includes a full regimen designed to fortify hair, and features both personalized in-salon and at-home protocols to help you get the full benefits of the new formulas.

A Fresh-Smelling Treatment For Congested Scalps

Scalp scrub launches are frequent these days, but that doesn't mean there's any reason to stop trying new ones. What sets this latest product apart? Aside from its refreshing scent, which smells like mint, it's vegan, cruelty free, and contains rosemary and sea salt to exfoliate your scalp and rid it of buildup — and it's just under $11.

A Breakage-Protecting Spray

You have your pick of reparative, protective products this month, and John Frieda's new Detox & Repair line is yet another to choose from. The brand launched the collection in early February with three products designed to detox strands, and then moisturize, repair, and protect from damage.

A Deep Conditioner For Curls

SheaMoisture released a full haircare regimen of new products this month, infused with moringa, avocado, kale, and matcha tea and with one main goal in mind: to keep your hair feeling and looking healthy and shiny in 2020.

A Curling Iron For Those Barely There Bends

Those "barely there bends" that Kristin Ess fans have been asking how to create forever are finally achievable with a single tool — the 2-inch Soft Bend Curling Iron that the hairstylist created for specifically that reason. Bonus: It's only $60.

A Thickening, CBD-Infused Hair Serum

Yes, CBD is now in basically everything — including your hair serum. Fitish included it in its latest launch with "greens" to give you a hair-plumping serum that strengthens hair follicles, thickens roots, and makes strands easier to comb through.

An Upgrade To Your Home Blowouts

According to a press email quote from ghd Brand Ambassador and celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan, "The new ghd helios™ dryer has the technology we’ve all been waiting for." What does that entail, exactly? For one thing, its design gives it a regulated airflow that results in faster and smoother styling results. It's also ghd's lightest and fastest hair dryer, meaning if you're often short on time and hate heavy styling tools, you should definitely give this a try.

An Update To An Old Fave

If you're an avid user of R+Co's SUNSET BLVD Daily Blonde Shampoo or Conditioner, it might be time to replace your bottles. The products got a reformulation on Feb. 15, and now provide hydration, shine, and protection while also keeping blonde, white, and gray hair colors refreshed and shiny.

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