20 Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts That Don’t Say “Mom” (But Still Feel Meaningful)

Mondo Mondo

With all the choices and curated gift guides out there, it's not really that difficult to find jewelry to give your mom on Mother's Day. But finding one that doesn't have "MOM" displayed front and center actually can prove to be a challenge. And sure — your mom will undoubtedly treasure anything you give her. But if she's the kind of person who likes her jewelry to be subtle, you probably want to avoid giving her a gift that's anything but. The difficulty in that, however, is still making sure it feels meaningful and just for her. Thankfully, there are plenty of pieces out there that achieve just that.

The key is to find something that's meaningful to her specifically. And there are some easy options, like personalized pieces. But if she's not really into that either, try digging a little deeper. Is she obsessed with timeless, classic pieces? Get her a watch that will never go out of style. Does she dedicate her time to helping others? Give her a necklace that gives back. Is she constantly looking for that piece no one else has? Gift her one-of-a-kind earrings she'll treasure forever.

A jewelry gift for Mother's Day doesn't have be obvious to feel thoughtful and personalized, and the gifts below prove it. From unique, colorful rings to necklaces that give back, ahead, 20 presents your mom is sure to love — with not a "MOM" charm in sight.


A Classic Watch

If your mom's closet is stacked with pieces like a simple trench coat and timeless flats, she'll love an equally classic watch to add to her collection.


A Colorful Statement Ring

As Heritage Jewelry's website states, the "color options are limitless" with this ring. Combine her favorite colors for a piece she can't help but love.


A Simple Tennis Bracelet With Her Birthstone

Gifting a piece with her birthstone automatically makes a piece feel personalized, but without being obvious, and the simple style of this bracelet will ensure she can wear it with everything.


Timeless Hoop Earrings

If your mom's collection of hoops is constantly growing, upgrade it with a luxe pair she can wear on special occasions.


A Uniquely Shaped Ring

So your mom's style tends to be a little more unique. In that case, stray away from classic pieces and opt for something with an unusual shape or color, like this slightly geometric ring.


Pretty Pearl Earrings

If your mom is always one step ahead of the latest trends, she's likely been eyeing a pair of pearl earrings for a while. This pair doesn't feel boring, but is still minimal enough to go with whatever she's wearing.


A Minimal Crystal Bracelet

Add some light to your mom's life with this Swarovski crystal-adorned bracelet, which the brand explains is infused with light so that "the pure, vibrant rays of the spectrum create a brilliant flare of color unlike the hues found in the natural world."


A Necklace That Gives Back

Amanda Pearl donates 10 percent of every purchase to Global Fund for Women, so your mom can feel good any time she wears this pretty piece.


A Unique Handmade Ring

Each Australian Opal is handpicked for these rings, and every piece is made by hand-twisted square metal that results in a gift that feels special.


A Playful Pair Of Earrings

If spring is your mom's favorite season and she lives for the blooming flowers, let her live it all year round with these fun Kate Spade New York earrings.


A Dainty Pearl Bracelet

If the "arm party" is a major part of your mom's personal style, add this stunning piece to her collection of bracelets.


One-Of-A-Kind Statement Earrings

According to the product's description, the jadeite in these earrings "was sourced from an old family run gem business that had closed." Each piece is one of a kind, which your mom will love if she's always on the hunt for pieces no one else will have.


A Stunning Ear Cuff Set

Adornmonde's pretty ear cuff set is the perfect gift for the mom who's never content with just one pair of earrings.


A Delicate Choker

If the beach is your mom's happy place, a subtle reminder of the sea like this Waves Collar will make her smile every time she wears it.


A Spring-Ready Cuff

A bright yellow cuff is a foolproof gift for any mom who identifies her style as "maximalist."


A Personalized Necklace

Totally stumped on what to get her? This necklace is personalized but doesn't just feel like every other initial necklace thanks to its asymmetrical shape.


A Necklace That Shows Your Love

Luckily heart jewelry is trending, so this necklace will serve as a not-so-subtle reminder of your love while adding some 2019 style to your mom's collection.


Golden Fields Poppy Cuff Bracelet

Maybe your mom loves Monet's poppy fields painting, or maybe she's just a Francophile; whatever the case, she'll love this poppy cuff from French brand Les Néréides.


A Necklace That Reminds Her Of Her Strength

Honor the beauty of motherhood with this necklace, which was made in celebration of the jewelry designer's grandmother's life.


Earrings That Give Back To Women

According to the brand, Starfish Project helps "exploited women and girls experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers." By purchasing these earrings, you're not just giving your mom pretty jewelry — you're also supporting a meaningful cause.