Get This Delicious Dairy-Free Trader Joe's Dessert Before It's Gone

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One of the reasons Trader Joe's is such a cult favorite is that it boasts a revolving inventory of seasonal goods. Come fall, you can scoop up pumpkin flavored (or scented) just about anything and in the winter time the holiday cookie varieties are seemingly endless. And the fact that such items are around for a limited time only makes them all the more coveted, so when it comes to the best of Trader Joe's summer products, you should probably consider stocking up soon or you'll have to wait another year.

In introducing new, seasonal products, TJ's always takes into consideration to the ingredients, flavors, and even feelings that you most associate with that time of year — in this case, stone fruit, berries, watermelon, and even pickle, for example — and puts them front and center. And that doesn't just go for the food; the grocery store's beloved beauty products have also gotten in on the summer goodness (think facial mists spiked with watermelon or a cooling peppermint shampoo bar).

Of course, if you're looking for cool treats, beverages, snacks, or essentials for creating the perfect summer salads (ideal for dining solo on your patio or enjoying an al fresco socially distanced dinner) there are plenty of those, too, from a sparkling tea which mixes beautifully with booze for the easiest cocktail to a spicy dressing that will instantly liven up lettuce. For more of the season's best additions, read ahead — and if you see something you like, you might want to shop soon, as it might already be on its way out to make room for all the upcoming fall goodies.

Trader Joe's Summer Products: No-Bake Nut Butter Bar Mix

The taste of baked goods without having to turn on the oven? All you need is a jar of your favorite nut butter and a little honey or maple syrup to whip up these no-bake, wholesome bars.

Trader Joe's Summer Products: Strawberry Non-Dairy Oat Frozen Dessert

If you love the way the rich creaminess of oat milk adds to your morning latte, think of what it can do for dessert. This frozen treat is delicious even for those who aren't cutting down on dairy.

Trader Joe's Summer Products: Citronella Candle

Spending more time on your patio? Keep pests away with this beeswax and coconut citronella candles.

Trader Joe's Summer Products: Sparkling Black Tea With Peach Juice Beverage

This canned sparkling tea offers just a touch of sweetness and natural peach flavor, which makes it great for sipping on its own, or pairing with bourbon for the simplest cocktail recipe.

Trader Joe's Summer Products: Fruit Frenzy Bars

Cool, sweet, and tangy: These fruity bars have everything you want in a summer dessert.

Trader Joe's Summer Products: Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar

Keep a cool head — and save water — by lathering your locks with this scalp-tingling shampoo bar.

Trader Joe's Summer Products: Hatch Chile Cheddar Seasoned Popcorn

For a light snack with a bit of a kick, this slightly spicy, cheesy popcorn hits the spot.

Trader Joe's Summer Products: Cheese-Less Cheesecake

All of the rich cheesecake flavor — with none of the dairy. Top with seasonal fruit and you've got dessert covered.

Trader Joe's Summer Products: Organic Cucumber Kefir Dressing

Add this zippy, probiotic packed dressing to instantly elevate even the most basic salad.

Trader Joe's Summer Products: Lemony Arugula Basil Salad Kit

Everything you need for a light, flavorful salad (including the vinaigrette) is included.

Trader Joe's Summer Products: Creamy Cauliflower Jalepeño Dip

Dip into this creamy, cheesy, cauliflower-based spread with crudités, bread, or crackers for a satisfying snack.

Trader Joe's Summer Products: Unsweetened Non-Dairy Hemp Beverage

Add to cereal, smoothies, or create a non-dairy version of Dalgona coffee with this unsweetened hemp milk.

Trader Joe's Summer Products: Organic Acerola Puree

Speaking of smoothies, this organic acerola cherry puree will add a vitamin-C boost to your morning mix.

Trader Joe's Summer Products: Spicy Cashew Butter Dressing

A creamy dressing without the dairy? This spicy, nutty, zesty option does it all.

Trader Joe's Summer Products:: Watermelon Facial Mist & Watermelon Overnight Mask

If you're lucky enough to still spot these watermelon-spiked beauty products on the shelves, grab them now for soothed, hydrated summer skin.

Trader Joe's Summer Products:: Dill Pickle Hummus

Pickles plus hummus might not seem like a classic combination, but after dipping veggies into this dill-spiked dip, you might change your mind.

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