15 Gift Ideas All Your Wellness-Obsessed Friends Will Love


Wellness gurus are always on top of what's new in the industry — a great quality when you're looking for advice on which juicer to splurge on — but when it comes to gifting them this holiday season, you may feel a little stumped. Since they're obsessed with all things health, it may seem hard to find new products that'll excite them and be a true benefit to their lifestyle. But, as your healthy friend would likely tell you, don't stress. There are actually so many great wellness gift ideas out there that are sure to wow even the most knowledgeable health and wellness devotee. You'll soon see that the trouble will be choosing just one.

The wellness world today is about so much more than just yoga and green smoothies — it's about an all encompassing lifestyle for those seeking balance in body, mind, and if you're into it, soul. And while that can sound a little intimidating (has anyone ever reached total balance in this chaotic world?), it has also opened up a whole new industry of products that help people work toward that goal.

From inventive ways to tackle stress to beauty products that work from the inside out, wellness lovers have a lot to choose from these days. And that's good news for you, because it means the options are similarly endless when it comes to gifting the health-obsessed family member or friend in your life.

For the person whose wellness journey revolves around the gym, gift the newly launched LARQ Bottle. The technologically-savvy water bottle not only keeps beverages cold, but it self-purifies using LED light to kill 99.99 percent of bacteria in a matter of 60 seconds. Your workout-obsessed buddy never has to worry about filling her bottle up with questionable gym fountain water again. At $95 it's not exactly cheap for something you drink out of, but its already-high ratings make a convincing case.

Self-care enthusiasts will love a Therawell Body Wrap, $15, or the Fizz Boom Bath! Book + DIY Bath Bomb Gift Set, $19.95, both available at Urban Outfitters. The fuzzy body wrap is filled with thousands of tiny ceramic beads and infused with essential oils, and can be heated or cooled before placing over shoulders to relieve tension.

For your sister who's into mindfulness and meditation, grab the $15 Mindfulness Cards at Paper Source, which contain 50 prompt cards to enhance her practice, and the Vitruvi Porcelain Essential Oil Diffuser, $119, to help create a relaxing, zen atmosphere.

No matter the wellness trends your loved ones like best, there are easy-to-find gifts that'll help them in their ongoing quest to live a balanced, healthy life. Browse below for more of the best holiday gifts for the health guru in your life — and no judgement if you decide to get one or two for yourself as well.