8 Gifts For The Wellness Enthusiast

She knows the difference between spirulina and chlorella. She smells like a cross between a health food store and a high-end perfumery. She’s definitely into crystals. You’ve heard her talk on more than one occasion about how a spiralizer has changed her life. She’s your resident wellness junkie friend, and finding a gift for her is more difficult than finding a quality avocado in December. So we rounded up eight items she’s sure to appreciate, from a matcha kit to a cozy set made for hygge-ing.


Gifts For The Wellness Junkie


This travel kit has everything she needs to keep her vibrating at a high frequency—namely matcha, a mushroom elixir, immunity-boosting herbs and a calming aromatherapy oil.


The coziest cashmere throw plus a sea-salt-scented candle is a recipe for de-stressing.

Moon Juice

If she's not on board with adaptogens, does she even wellness?


She'll need something to keep her warm when she goes on that spiritual camping quest thing she's been talking about for months.


Matcha has myriad benefits—all of which she can rattle off from memory—making this set the perfect addition to her healthy beverage repertoire (which also includes ginger tea and turmeric lattes, naturally).


You'd be hard-pressed to find a wellness aficionado who hasn't wholeheartedly embraced that fizzy water life. Think of this as the gift of free LaCroix—only better.

Sunday Forever

All the life-purification tools one could need—sage, a lighter, clear quartz and an incense shell—bundled up in a chic little package.

Mystic Relics

Rose quartz is the crystal of self-care, making it the perfect addition to a pampering bath bomb infused with essential oils.