If You Hate Dirty Water Bottles, You’ll Love This New One From LARQ


Meet the new accessory you're about to see everywhere: LARQ's self-cleaning water bottle. After breaking the record for the world's largest crowd-funded hydration campaign on Kickstarter, this highly anticipated launch has arrived. This bottle will not only make you want to rethink your single-use plastic habits, but also serves up solutions to issues you often face with reusable styles.

The LARQ Bottle comes in five chic colorways in a sleek design for $95 each. The bottle attempts to tackle the problems other reusable styles pose that may have led you (and many others) to be tempted to buy plastic single-use waters in the past. Tons of water bottles are added to landfills every minute, many of which stay there forever, never to be reused or recycled. This new bottle not only works to help you live a more sustainable life, but its technology may make it the only one you need to drink from moving forward to help eliminate the use of plastic bottles from your life.

You currently may file difficult to clean, smelly odor, and costly replacement filters under the list of complaints you have against water bottles filling up your cabinets. So why should you bring in this new style? LARQ's new release works to eliminate those problems, as this stainless steel (BPA free) vessel is a self-cleaning water bottle and purification system.

"We know that pure water on-the-go and stinky bottles are the two primary pain points affecting one's adoption of reusable bottles," said Justin Wang, Co-founder of LARQ, in a press release. "LARQ's proprietary UV-C LED technology is integrated into a beautifully designed product that delivers pure water from a self-cleaning bottle, and directly addresses these complaints."

So how does it work, exactly? Just tap the cap on the top of the bottle once to start purifying or twice for extra purification (aka "Adventure Mode"), and the 280nm range of UV-C light is designed to neutralize up to 99.9999 percent of harmful, odor-causing germs in 60 seconds. As for keeping your bottle clean, the built-in technology makes it just as easy for you. Every two hours the UV light activates to self clean, leaving you with a fresh smelling bottle - no scrubbing required.

Worried about the battery life? LARQ considered that, too. One charge will last from one to two months, and its ability to be recharged via USB makes it easy for travel. And it comes with another travel perk: It can keep beverages cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours with its double-walled and vacuum sealed construction.

This highly functional bottle is not only looking to make a difference in your life, but contribute to change on a global scale. Through its partnership with 1% for the Planet, LARQ will be donating one percent of proceeds to benefit charities that work to make clean drinking water more accessible and get rid of plastic pollution. Continue on to shop the new LARQ Bottle for yourself.