Latinx Beauty Editors Love This Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand


If anything good has come out of this past year, it might be the fact that many are thinking more and more into what brands they are choosing to buy from. Rather than shopping from strictly mass retailers, there's more focus on supporting both small mom-and-pop and minority-owned businesses. That said, if you're in the market for a new lipstick or serum, consider shopping from a Latinx-owned beauty brand, recommended by Latinx beauty editors.

"Not only do Latinx communities have valuable spending power in this industry, but they are also carving out representation on the shelves of retailers," Thatiana Diaz, senior beauty editor at Refinery29, tells TZR. "It's important to support these entrepreneurs who are have pushed through every obstacle — from workplace discrimination to raising capital — to bring not only their brands but authentic representation to the masses." And with the lack of accurate representation in the beauty industry of Latinx communities, Diaz says it's essential to support those who are bringing the visibility from a first-person position.

Anything you need to stock your beauty cabinet can be found from a Latinx-owned brand. Below, shop 15 businesses that Latinx beauty editors love.

We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Rizos Curls

Bianca Nieves, a commerce editor at Teen Vogue, has always had wavy and puffy hair. "However, over the last few years its texture has been changing and it's getting thicker and curlier in the back," she tells TZR. "That being said, detangling my hair straight out of the shower can become a whole event if I don't have the right products." But she says Rizos Curls' Refresh & Detangle Spray is heaven sent and makes combing her hair a breeze. "I only need around three spritzes for it to work its wonders."

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Botanika Beauty

Diaz is a fan of Botanika Beauty's assortment of effective and affordable curly friendly products. The brand offers up every product you need for luscious curls, including a cream, mousse, deep conditioning mask, oil serum, and styling gel.

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Elaluz by Camila Coelho

Andrea Navarro, an editor and writer, is obsessed with Elaluz by Camila Coelho's overnight lip mask infused with 24K gold. "I love that Camila really incorporated her Brazilian heritage into the brand by sourcing rare ingredients that haven't really been present in other products," she tells TZR.

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Beautyblender

"I can't even tell you how many Beautyblender sponges I've been through ever since I started wearing makeup," Navarro says. "It really is the real deal, there's just no other makeup applicator like it. I'll swear by it, always, and I plan on trying other Beautyblender products soon!"

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Bésame Cosmetics

Elena Garcia, a senior editor at Buzzfeed for shopping and products, says Bésame Cosmetics has a fantastic range of items that are packaged gorgeously. "They've done collections inspired by Sleeping Beauty, I Love Lucy, and The Avengers — all with a vintage flair," she says. "It's the kind of makeup that looks great on you and your vanity. They also have a super wide range of products — powder, eyeshadow, lipstick...the list goes on and on. I'm personally a huge fan of their rouge but their cake mascara is legit amazing and worth a try."

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Ceremonia

"As I continue with my newfound hair journey, scalp treatments have become an essential," Nieves says. "Now, since my hair is so thick in the back, I noticed that if I don't have a good scalp treatment to help nourish and cleanse my hair from its roots, my other products will just accumulate in the back leaving my hair greasy from the get-go. That's why, recently, I've been really into Ceremonia's Aceite de Moska because not only it smells amazing, but it really leaves my hair feeling clean and oh-so soft."

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Pinkness Co.

"There's a reason Adrienne Bailon can't stop raving about this brand: It's that good," Diaz says. The beauty editor can't seem to go a day without spraying Pinkness Co.'s Feeling Bright Mist on her face. "This soothing spray has undeniably been one of my favorite additions to my skin care routine, especially in the stressful year that is 2020," she says. "It also makes it perfect for a midday pick-me-up whenever my skin is feeling out of whack."

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Tata Harper

Garcia has been using Tata Harper's product for years now. "Their resurfacing mask is an absolute game-changer, especially if you have sensitive, rough, and acne-prone skin," she notes. "Every product in their line is cruelty-free, non-GMO, and doesn't have any toxins, artificial colors and fragrances, or synthetic chemicals. They also have these great Discovery Kits so you can find the products that work great for you before you commit to a giant bottle."

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Melt Cosmetics

"Anyone who wears eyeshadow frequently knows that the blend factor is the most important, and Melt Cosmetics is unmatched when it comes to blending potential," Navarro notes. "There's no creasing or pastiness with the powdered shadows and it's easy enough for even beginners to create a flawless eye look."

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Overt

Though she hasn't gotten her hands on it yet, Perez has skin care brand Overt on her must-try list. The brand exclusively carries serums, including its The Hydrator (hyaluronic acid serum), The Renewer (epidermal growth factor serum), The Brightener (vitamin-C serum with hyaluronic acid), The Restorer (copper peptide serum), and The Smoother (2.5 percent retinol serum).

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Artist Couture

"If you follow brand founder Angel Merino, AKA, @Mac_Daddyy, you'll know how easy it is to want to support the genuine, and delightfully humorous, entrepreneur," Diaz says. "Merino raised the money himself to launch Artist Couture, which can now be found on Sephora shelves, and buying into his brand is supporting a self-starter company that doesn't just push for representation but also delivers makeup products that motivate you to have fun with beauty."

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Bomba Curls

"I've been an avid client of Dominican hair salons since I was a child, so when I learned of Bomba Curls I was thrilled," Navarro says. "The brand uses oils embedded in the Dominican culture, such as coffee seed oil. The Forbidden Oil is a game changer for moisture and any dry scalp-related issues."

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Alamar Cosmetics

Another brand Perez has on her wishlist is Alamar Cosmetics. In its offerings you'll find products for the lips, eyes, and face. But if you're unsure what to try, you can't go wrong with its best-sellers, which include the DesNUDEAs Lip Liner, The Ojitos Brush Trio Vol. 1, The Ojitos Brush Trio Vol. 2, and Limited Edition DesNUDEAs Lipgloss in Birthday Suit.

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Vive Cosmetics

Garcia confirms that Vive Cosmetics makes the best liquid lipstick on the market. It's better than any brand she's tried, and she's gone through lost of tubes from different brands. "They make a bunch of colors, Amor Eterno is my personal favorite, but they sell out quick!" If you can't get your hands on the liquid lipsticks, rest assured, there are plenty of matte lipsticks to choose from.

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brand: Miss Rizos Salon

While it's not *technically* a brand, Perez says she visited Miss Rizos Salon in New York City this year where she got French braids done. "The owner is Dominican and the salon caters to those with curly and textured hair, and the service was great!" On the salon's website, shop hair products from brands like Honey Baby Naturals, Kinky-Curly, and Unkle Funky's Daughter.