The Yogi In Your Life Would Bend Over Backwards For This Stylish Gift


Whether it's an aspiring practitioner or someone who already does sun salutations daily, you've probably got a loved one who's in the market to amp up their yoga flow. With so many studios still temporarily shuttered, they're likely to be looking for ways that make their home spaces into zen-like sanctuaries and you can help them out with that this holiday season with some gifts for yogis that will help inspire them to practice — no matter where they are.

It can be tough to stay motivated with fitness and meditation habits during a crisis like the current pandemic, but so many people find that it's also the time that these kind of daily rituals benefit them the most. So how can you help them get into mindset and create a mood that's conducive to a grounding, stress-relieving, and body strengthening yoga practice? If they've only recently picked up the habit — or could use a bit of an upgrade — you can start by checking out some stylish essentials, like mats and other props (bricks, straps, wheels, and bolsters) that keep them comfortable and supported in poses.

Next, consider things that create an ambience. An scented candle or an oil diffuser with essential oils can totally change up an environment. You can pick scents that uplift or induce a sense of calm — depending on what they're looking to achieve. Still, some yogis prefer the ritual effect of incense, sage, or palo santo instead. Combine this with a meditation bowl for a little sonic therapy for a gift that hits a few different senses.

Some fitness experts suggest that investing in stylish activewear could get you more inspired to practice, so another great gift idea could be bralettes, leggings, tops, and even toeless socks that might make the yogi in your life a little more excited about getting into their downward dogs and pigeon poses. If this seems like a winning option, consider pieces that are soft and comfortable (not too constricting) yet chic enough to actually wear outside the house, too.

And if they need a little extra motivation, go for a gift card or membership for online classes. Having an experienced yogi guide them through various types of flow can be the game-changer they need to stick to a habit. For all these ideas — plus a few more — see ahead for gifts yogis of all styles are guaranteed to love.

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