How Activewear Became My New Work Uniform

by Mecca James-Williams
A curly woman taking a selfie in black activewear for working from home

This month has required a lot of changes to my routine — my morning train rides transitioned to morning walks to the couch, and my typical optimistic morning attitude turned into a frenzy of emotions. My wardrobe — a visual representation of my mood — switched from bright colors and patterns to underwear, and my white robe. While comfortable, I found myself exhausted, and avidly avoiding my to-do list. After a week of this I knew I had to adapt and figure out ways to put functionality, comfort, and inspiration back into my daily wardrobe. Finding the best activewear for my work-from-home experience changed things for the better.

While in the past I strictly wore activewear to exercise, I adapted to become the girl who wears yoga pants while cooking eggs, sweeping, and putting together slideshows. I found that my mornings quickly change from slumber to meditation, my lunch hour turned into a dance session, and my evenings were filled with a glass of wine and stretching — at the same time.

In the quick change of my wardrobe, I've created an opportunity to change my mood, and strengthen my mind, body, and spirit during this time. I mix-matched my sets, added a few cozy knits and slippers, and wore pieces that haven't seen the light of day in far too long. It gave me a glimmer of happiness to move pieces around in my closet, to keep a piece of my old routine in all of this newness.

My outfit combos consisted of bold bright hues, classic black pieces (some with edge), and all paired with comfortable house slipper and cozy sweaters. Learn more below!

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Activewear For Working From Home: Bold Colors

A pop of color is an instant mood-lifter. I love the look of a bold sports bra worn alone or styled with a contrasting pair of shorts or leggings.

Activewear For Working From Home: Cozy Add-Ons

With all that Spandex, I was in need of something soft to layer into my outfit. Cozy slippers for my feet and a sweater for layering as I heat up and cool down through the day are the answer.

Activewear For Working From Home: Sleek Black Pieces


When in doubt, it's impossible to go wrong with simple, sleek black staples. When I put these on it feels like it's time to get down to business once and for all.