12 Gifts For Plant Lovers That Are Green-Thumb Approved


You've either got it, or you don't. A green thumb, for those who happen to be blessed with one, opens up a whole world of gorgeous greenery, brimming with endless plant possibilities. And whether you've got a budding botanist or a plant-rearing professional in your life, you know that they take caring for their leafy green friends very seriously — so be sure to help them out this season by giving one or two of this year's best gifts for plant lovers, guaranteed to make any gardening groupie happy.

Over the past several years, millennials have given rise to a veritable houseplant renaissance. Thanks the easy-to-care-for (and relatively low-commitment) nature of these verdant little pot-dwelling pet alternatives, plants are now one of the most popular decorative features in many a millennial home. Fresh greenery adds a lively pop of color to any space, actually helps purify the air in your home, and won't chew on your brand new designer shoes that you splurged on this season. Basically, it has become overwhelmingly obvious that plants are the perfect addition to literally any space.

And for the loved one who has clearly already figured that out (she's got a staggeringly tall fiddle leaf fig plant in her living room, and no less than a dozen succulents strewn about her bedroom), there's no better way to show your love this holiday season than to give a gift that helps her greenery thrive. Whether it's a new addition to an ever-growing green family, or accessories that'll keep plants going strong, there's no shortage of options out there.

If your friend has just discovered her green thumb, help her get a plant collection off the ground with a unique and exciting gift: a plant subscription. The Sill, an all-things plant life brand, offers a $35 per month plant subscription service for those looking to assemble an assortment of greenery. Each month, a new plant is sent directly to their home in a different collectible pot. Before they know it, they'll have their own indoor greenhouse.

Your dedicated plant-lady loved one will be pleased to receive gorgeous new pots or planters for her greens that are growing like gangbusters. Look for unique pieces she won't have seen before, that'll be as pretty as they are practical to add flair to her home. This navy and white pot from Lulu & Georgia, $38, will pop in a kitchen or bathroom, and Urban Outfitter's boho rattan hanging planter, $89, is ideal for a vintage-inspired bedroom.

For the loved one who, try as she may, can't seem to keep anything green alive, gift plant-inspired decorative pieces. These brass cactuses, $24 from West Elm, are desert-glam and add a dose of plant life charm, without the need for water and direct sunlight. Or, fill an empty space on her wall with a bold print featuring her favorite plant. This framed print from Urban Outfitters, $129, provides a pop of lush green color.

Whether you're looking to gift the expert-level plant lover or the novice greenery grower in your life, you'll find that there are options out there as numerous as the varieties of houseplants themselves. Browse below for some of the best gifts to inspire and excite the green thumb you love this holiday season.

Plants for Beginners Monthly Subscription


The Sill

For $35 a month, you can give the gift of fresh, living greenery to someone who's building their plant collection.

Kimberlee Wood Rectangle Planter With Succulents


Lulu & Georgia

Ideal for placing in a window or as a center piece at a dining table, this worn wood planter comes with a variety of succulents.

Colored Glass + Metal Plant Mister



This vintage greenhouse-inspired mister will help your plant loving friend keep their greenery in top shape.

Jenes Shibori Flower Pot, Blue


Lulu & Georgia

Planters are a perfect way to infuse a pop of color into a space, so gift this richly hued pot (with a gift card to the local plant store, perhaps) to help liven up a loved one's home.

Pinstripe Calathea In Small Hyde Planter


The Sill

For your cat-loving sister, gift a plant that will be safe for her furry friends.

Margot Hanging Planter


Urban Outfitters

A woven rattan hanging planter nails a boho, vintage vibe.

Flower Letterpress Print


Archie's Press

A budding botanist will enjoy this print, which shows exactly how their flowers grow and mature.

Cactus Grow Kit


Urban Outfitters

For the loved one who's ready to try their hand at growing their very own succulent, this is the ideal gift.

Windowsill Kit, Culinary Herbs



For the green thumb who's also a major foodie, gift an at-home herb growing kit like this one from terrain. It comes with seeds for basil, chives, and oregano.

Brass Cactus Objects


West Elm

So your friend loves succulents but can't seem to keep them alive? Opt for these brass objects that give a glam touch to the prickly (faux) plants. The larger size is priced at $14

Plant Lady Candle


Ginger June Candle Co.

Choose from several scents of this candle, great for your green thumbed sister or plant-obsessed coworker.

83 Oranges Monstera Art Print 18"x24"


Urban Outfitters

An ideal pop of color in any room, this close-up plant portrait will please any fan of greenery.