The Popular Kitchen Gadgets That'll Make Your Life So Much Easier In 2019


Paging all foodies: Food52's 2018 best-selling kitchen gadgets list has arrived. The food publication and online community's product roundup is a mix of technologically-advanced and basic problem-solvers — the kind of products that will make you wonder how you ever cooked before the advent of a water-recycling colander, or why no one thought of a collapsible coffee press sooner. Food52 describes the gadget list as the products "you can't stop grabbing up (and that we can't stop talking about)", so you know it's a good one.

First up, no kitchen list is complete without the Food52 cutting board. When the website announced it would be releasing a line of its own kitchen gadgets — and subsequently asked its readers to answer a series of polls about what details their dream cutting board would have — it received responses from over 10,000 fans.

The results are fascinating (high-quality wood wins out over being dishwasher-safe), showing just how well Food52 has put together one of the most passionate foodie communities on the Internet. Crafted with the overwhelming fan input in mind, the $99 Five Two Double-Sided Cutting Board is cutting-edge: with one side for carving and one side for chopping or serving, the solid American maple board even has a bonus phone slot for Internet recipe-reading.


Besides the cutting board, other gadgets on the list will help you upgrade your food prep style. Labeled as Food52's "all-time favorite colander", the Food52 x Ekobo Recycled Bamboo Colander & Pour Bowl Set is revolutionary. Retailing at an affordable $39, the set's colander fits perfectly into the matching bowl, which features a handle that doubles as a spout. That means that once you're done rinsing fruits, you can use the water collected in the bowl on your plants. Despite the clever colander insert, the bowl alone is a genius product: having a handle to grip during passionate whisking is smart, and doubling the design as a spout for post-mix pouring is even smarter.

You don't need to be an at-home chef to find a gadget on Food52's list that'll change your life. Even if you stick to ordering in dinner most days of the week, seemingly simple products like the Stackable Bodega Glasses are problem-solving powerhouses. Inspired by glasses used in Spain, a 12-count set of 12.5-ounce glasses will only run you $34. At less than $3 per glass, the set is made from tempered glass and is actually stackable, giving you extra storage where you need it the most — your kitchen cabinets.

The handiest kitchen gadgets are one that can be used outside the kitchen, too. The $39 Palmpress Coffee Press won a place on Food52's list, and you're going to want to buy one for everyone you know. Simply scoop ground coffee into the BPA-free press before you dash out of the door in the morning, pour in hot water when you need a mid-day pick-me-up, and in three minutes you can turn over and press the gadget to release freshly-brewed coffee. When you're done, just collapse the press and take it back home to repeat the process. You can kiss the bleak office coffee machine's weak brews goodbye.

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